Heavy Duty Wire Shelving and Shelves

48X46 (2.5x4.5) Flared Wire DeckingWhat are heavy duty wire shelves used for?

They are used for high density storage and heavy load storage.  Shelving units are built in such a way as to convert as much unused vertical space as possible into efficiently organized storage space .

Warehouses use heavy duty wire shelving because it transforms huge sections of the vertical cube into organized storage space.  The same principle holds true in factories.  Sections of walls and rooms located near work areas can be transformed into usable storage space right next to production areas. 

Where is heavy duty wire shelving used?

Virtually every type of business has a use for it to some degree. 

What are features of heavy duty wire shelves make them so versatile and beneficial?

  • For one thing, they allow air to freely circulate around stored items.  This helps preserve perishables for longer periods of time.
  • Better lighting conditions result because light can penetrate the wire to the next shelf below.
  • It is easier to see items on the shelf
  • There is less risk of fire.

What kind of weigh capacities are we talking about here?

Each individual shelf can hold between 600 lbs and 800 lbs per weight.  Depending on the number of shelves and how they are supported and mounted, some units can hold up to 1500 lbs each.

Could you give me a few examples of the heavy duty wire shelving you sell?

Cantilevered and mount to the side of the wall, turning the wall itself into storage space. 

Dunnage systems are used in warehouse and restaurant storage.  The design is basic.  It consists of a metal frame, a mid-level shelf, and a bottom shelf.

Sliding track systems have bearings in the skate underneath each post.  Each unit has a load capacity of 1,500 lbs.  The V-groove floor track allows the shelving unit to slide back and forth easily. 

What materials are heavy duty wire shelves made from?

  • Chrome plated nickel units are very durable and ideal for up-front storage or material handling environments.
  • Stainless Steel units feature an electropolish finish that resists corrosion.  It is very useful in heavily polluted factory environments and in shipping yards located near salt water.  
  • Proform is a type of carbon steel is that is treated with an iron phosphate base. A hybrid epoxy with an antibacterial agent is electrostatically applied.  This type of wire shelving system is used in high humidity areas.

Do only manufacturing and warehousing operations use this type of shelf space?

No.  Offices use shelving to store paperwork, office supplies, and IT components.  In many cases this saves companies thousands of dollars a year on leasing office space, because it allows them to use small closets and tiny storage rooms more efficiently.

Shelving can also be positioned in office space itself to create ready access to materials without having to run to the workroom.  Wire shelf units can also create an entire organizational system for the company mail room. 

Can these be used for retail display?

Yes.  Especially in stores where parts and heavier items are stored, having a shelving system that can support large quantities of merchandise is nothing but a plus.

Is there a residential application for your product?

Yes.  More and more homeowners are beginning to realize that heavy duty wire shelving is a great way to organize the unused spaces in their garages and workrooms.

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