Monday, January 19, 2009

Cantilever Lumber Storage Racks & Racking

What are some important things to consider when ordering cantilever lumber racks?
Cantilever lumber storage racks offer a very low-cost precision inventory control any business involved in the distribution of lumber or the manufacture of wooden products like furniture. They also help protect lumber by keeping it off the floor. It is also best to have cantilever racking custom built if you are storing lumber. You may be working with a wide range of wood types and varying degrees of width, length, and thickness of boards. Evenly distributed the load is an absolute necessity, because if the load is uneven, your cantilever rack will instantly lose 50% of its total potential weight capacity.

How can I make sure I calculate the capacity and size of my rack correctly?

We have charts and formulas you can reference, but it is not necessary for you to do all this math. Call us and describe your business, application, facility, and products in detail, and we will custom build a storage racking system for you.

Are cantilever racks better for storing lumber than pallet racks?
In most instances, yes. This is for two reasons. One, you have to stack lumber in piles on a pallet rack. Retrieval and inventory are much more difficult when lumber is stored on a flat surface than on the cradle that cantilever arms provide. Secondly, cantilever lumber racks can be built very tall and no nearly as deep as pallet racks. This is ideal for space saving in cramped quarters.

Are there other benefits to storing lumber on cantilever racks?
Yes. Keeping lumber off the floor minimizes the risk of it being damaged by material handling equipment and forklifts. It also prevents people from tripping over the lumber. Secondly, in many states such as the Gulf Coast region, even the interior of the warehouse can be very hot and humid. Stacking lumber near bay doors that constantly open and close exposes wood to humidity and heat. Lifting it higher and nearer to HVAC ducts can cool it down and keep it drier, provided the facilities HVAC system is built in this fashion.

What type of cantilever rack works best for storing lumber?
The structural rack is the type we recommend. It is ideal for heavy duty applications and provides maximum column strength and supportive bracing. Almost all structural cantilever systems are made using structural columns and bases, roll-formed arms, horizontal bracing, and X-Bracing that reinforce the backs of the unit. We strongly recommend all storage racks be bolted to concrete bases if used outside or the concrete floor of the warehouse if used inside. Single-sided and double sided systems are both available. Call us today to see what works best for your space management, storage, and inventory control process flow.

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