Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pallet Rack Dealers & Designers

Easy Rack is a nationwide pallet rack dealer dedicated to providing custom material storage solutions to warehouses and distribution centers. Our intention is to design a system that is tailor-made to your operation and that is in full compliance with all regulatory and safety codes. We are also a pallet rack dealer who wants to make our solutions cost effective to clients who are looking to increase their profit margins by lowering the cost of materials and operations.

Unlike many pallet rack dealers that represent only 2 or 3 manufacturers, Easy Rack has strong vendor ties to 10 major players in the manufacturing world. This allows us to recommend any number of pallet rack styles to our clients. We sell industry-standard Teardrop Rack, structural steel pallet racks, drive-in rack, and push-back racks, just to name a few.

Easy Rack pallet rack design professionals take a consultation-based approach to sales. This is very important, because so many of the manufacturers, distributors, and warehouses we service have very unique needs that require a great deal of customization to meet. This requires us to learn a great deal about your company and industry type in order for us to build you a design you a system that truly fits your footprint. Live representatives will work with you over the phone to gather basic information. If you are a remote client, you can then send us more detailed specifications remotely via fax or email.

Once we have all the necessary data, we will begin to design your pallet racking system. All design work is performed in-house by material handling experts who are also trained in the use of advanced 3-D modeling software. Design models are developed and double checked for safety and process flow specifications. Once your final design has been drawn up and you have authorized it, we will then have the manufacturer build the system according to our design. Pallet racks are then double-checked once more, then directly shipped from the manufacturer to your location.

Easy Rack is also willing to work as a direct interface with local customers who need a used pallet rack dealer representative to come to their facility. In many parts of the country, clients can contact our office and schedule an on site visit from one of our material handling experts. We can take measurements of your facility in person and develop your storage system in person.

Regardless of your location, our basic approach to used pallet racking design ensures the same quality of results at the end of the day. We are a dealer committed not only to providing an effective storage solution that will meet your needs and improve your operations, but also to designing you a storage rack that will create a bigger budget by improving your space management across the board. We find that well over 60% of our clients on the verge of a costly move can avoid that cost and remain in their current facility simply by converting their vertical cube space into storage space.

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Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., New Orleans, La., Cleveland, Ohio, Kansas City, Mo., Mesa, Arizona, Virginia Beach, Va., Omaha, Nebraska, Oakland, California, Miami, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Arlington, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Denton, TX, McKinney, Texas, Midland, TX, Killeen, Texas, Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, ALBQ, NYC, LA, MPLS.

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