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Welding Cylinder Carts Are The KeyTo Safety

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Welding Cylinder Torch Carts Most forms of welding require use of gases. And these gases usually come in large cylinders that are difficult to handle by a single person. So, whether you're performing Mig, Tig, or oxygen-acetylene welding, you're going to have welding cylinders. Instead of lugging them around by hand, welding cylinder carts can add to the safety of your job site and allow you to work easier.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
The older people in the construction trades have been saying this for years. "Hey youngster, you're working too hard. Work smarter, not harder. Use leverage on that." And it makes sense. If you're a welder performing two-gas welding jobs, adding welding cylinder carts to the list of tools you take on a jobsite can ease your workload several times.

Imagine working on a large commercial jobsite performing oxygen-acetylene welding duties. You've got to do some welding or cutting near the center of the building and that building is more than two hundred feet on a side. Sure, you could pull your truck up to the building and run hoses one hundred feet from the welding cylinders to where the job is. But, then you'd have a hazardous situation. One with two flammable gases running through at least a hundred feet of delicate hose on a dangerous construction site with scissor lifts, ladders, and all sorts of other hazards.

Or, you could pull up to the building, manhandle the cylinders out of the truck, and then carry, roll, or walk them, one at a time, to where the work needs to be performed. And when you have to move to the next work location, go through it all over again. Remove the valves and gauges, walk the hoses and torch head to the new work area, then walk or roll each of the cylinders to that area. In other words, make at least three trips back and forth each time you have to move.

But with welding cylinder carts, you unload the cylinders from the truck and into the cart(s), secure the cylinders in the cart, drape the hoses with the valves and gauges attached over the cylinders and make a single trip to the work location. Attach the valves and gauges and you're off and working in a matter of minutes. Time to move? No problem. Wrap the hoses around the tops of the cylinders and wheel them away. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. You're done in less than half the time.

With welding cylinder carts, you don't need to be a young Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stallone to manhandle the cylinders to the work area. You just roll the cylinders in the cart to where you need to work and get to work. It's just that simple and easy.

Welding Cylinder Carts Increase Jobsite Safety and Prevent Injury
If you've been welding with gas(es) long enough, you've heard some pretty hairy horror stories about a cylinder that got knocked over while the welder was working and injured or killed people. Knocked over gas cylinders that lose their valves are the main cause of serious accidents that involve welders. While nothing can guarantee 100 percent absolute safety and security when welding with flammable gases, using these types of carts can increase that safety margin by several times.

Properly built welding cylinder carts are absolutely stable when empty, and properly installing two gas cylinders only increases that inherent stability, because doing so adds weight to the flat cylinder platform. Yeah, some idiot driving his scissor lift like he's on a race track is still going to be able to knock them over. But, the guy not paying careful attention to where he's walking with an arm full of material is most likely going to end up on his butt without knocking over your cylinders.

Using the cart can also help prevent injuries. Imagine you're rolling a completely full oxygen cylinder to the work area and you lose your grip. Your natural reaction is going to be to try and grab the cylinder and keep it from falling so that valve doesn't get knocked off. Even if you succeed, you can still injure yourself by putting too much stress on certain muscles and joints.

And then there's the time when you're not quick enough to catch the cylinder before it hits the ground and knocks the valve off. You may injure yourself trying to catch it. And, if the cylinder has enough pressure in it, it could take off like a torpedo, injuring others in its path. Again, this is an occurrence that can almost be completely avoided by using welding cylinder carts.

Think of using this type of product like an inexpensive insurance premium that only you have to pay once for. Because, that's basically what they are. Instead of getting regular checkups with a doctor to prevent serious illness or injury, you're making an inexpensive one-time investment in a piece of equipment that not only can and will prevent injuries and accidents, it'll give you a good return in your investment by making you more productive.

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