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Used Industrial Pallet Racking Houston

The term “industrial pallet rack” is simply one more term for heavy duty pallet racking or heavy-duty warehouse shelving.  Is refers to higher weight capacity, not to a specific size or style.  Some units feature weight capacity of up to 48,000 pounds.

In terms of structural exterior, industrial pallet racks differ little from their lighter duty equivalents.  They operate in much the same way, the only real distinction being that they need skilled installation to be safely and professionally setup, and they must be moved with heavy equipment in order to make sure the safety of both workers and content.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As such, almost all industrial pallet racks are designed to expect and survive intermittent forklift collisions that can result through either human or mechanical error.  In addition to considerably reducing replacement costs by using an commercial strength pallet rack that can withstand greater stress, investing in commercial strength pallet racking systems can most likely generate commercial insurance discounts on the basis that the equipment is appreciably less likely to be damaged to the point of filing a claim.

From a material handling viewpoint, industrial pallet racks make large materials behave like small ones.  By designating storage space for heavy equipment, parts, and large containers that is at the same time compact and portable on demand, industrial pallet racking systems make it easier and safer to move extremely unwieldy materials from one point to the other with a minimum of risk to people or equipment.

The most popular industrial pallet racking found industrial warehouses and factories nationwide is the teardrop pallet rack design.  The standard dimensions for a teardrop industrial pallet rack is 64” in width and 300” in height.  In most normal heavy-duty storage situations, this more often than not provides all essential storage space for the requirements at hand.  Teardrop pallet racks also offer an additional 2” of adjustable space to create maximum efficiency in height usage.

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