Aluminum Loading Dock Plates

Loading Dock Plates Can Save You Time & MoneyAluminum loading dock plates connect dock floors to the back floors of trailers and offer a safe, economical way to load and unload trucks.  They have safety curbs on either side of the ramp that prevent material handling tools from rolling off the sides.  Aluminum dock boards offer a lightweight, yet sturdy bridge between dock and truck and are manufactured in full compliance with all OSHA regulations.  They are a must have for every shipping and receiving department.

The size of your dock plate will depend on the height differential between trailer and the dock itself, and the width and axle capacity of your forklift, pallet rack, hand truck, or platform truck. To save a step, call an Easy Rack material handling expert and provide this information over the phone.  We will help you determine the size of the aluminum dock-board best suited to your needs.

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Aluminum  Dock Plate With Welded Aluminum Curbs

This  loading dock plate is engineered and built for maximum safety while handling heavy forklifts and loads. Locking legs prevent them from moving during loading and unloading operations.  Welded aluminum safety curbs prevent accidental falls and provide a visible driving lane.  The locking legs are unevenly placed, allowing the dockboard to sit canted while not in use.  This makes it easier for forklifts to pick it up. These dockboards are manufactured in compliance with OSHA.  The bend measures 11° and 9″ from the edge, and the legs are 12″ from the edge.

Aluminum Dock Plate With Steel Curbs

This  loading dock plates combines maximum strength, safety, and portability.  Its deck is made of tough aluminum treadplate and features structural steel safety curbs with tapered ends.   The beveled design of the edges allows for smooth entry and exit, and the treadplate design ensures positive traction.  Legs are 12” from the edge and are bolted to give the unit increased durability.   Legs are also canted for fork truck portability.

Formed Aluminum Dock-Boards

This dockboard features unique, formed aluminum side curbs that combine the benefits of strength and lightweight portability.  The treadplate offers better traction, and the side curbs are painted safety yellow.   As with other  loading dock plates, beveled entry and exit edge offer convenient and smooth movement across the surface.

Aluminum Hand Truck Dock Board

This dockboards is lightweight and can be carried and positioned by hand.  It can bear up to 800 pounds of weight and can be used with two wheel hand trucks. Total plate thickness of the unit measures only 3/16”.  Its welded aluminum, diamond tread surface, and beveled edges provide safe and smooth entry and exit.  The bend in the surface is intended to keep ramp edges flush with the surface of the dock and with the dock floor. Each unit is equipped with bolted, locking legs.  In order to decrease the chance of roll off, full length aluminum curbs line the sides of the unit.


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