Industrial Pallet Rack Will Maximize Space

Industrial Pallet RackEasy Rack account managers will work with you on a consultative basis to build you a custom industrial pallet rack that will maximize space, safety, storage efficiency, and process flow in your facility. The following list itemizes the many results we have generated for clients over the past years.

Custom pallet racking will give you direct access to every individual pallet on the rack without your employees having to move other pallets around it. This dramatically reduces product damage and product drop rates.

Custom racks also let you create staging areas in your facility that will make much better use of your existing floor space. The key to doing this is to design your pallet racking storage system in a way that will make the most use of your vertical cube so you have more wall space and floor space available for other needs.  This makes it easier to store, find, and retrieve pallets without mishap or injury.

If you have planned to expand your facility or move, consider the enormous cost that both of these options represent. In our company history, we have saved this expense for so many companies like yours by building industrial pallet racks that created more aisle space and work areas in their existing facility.  Typically companies can forestall a move for several years.  Some of our previous clients now believe they may not ever have to move to a new building thanks to the storage systems we built them.

The way our team works is to listen to you, examine the data you provide, and calculate the optimal measurements for your racking system. If we are selling used pallet racks, we go one step further.  Since no one can guarantee the weight capacity for a used beam, we will build the rack with longer beams if necessary and configure the system to have additional supports at mid span.  Also, we test each beam prior to shipping to make sure it is in the best working condition possible.

Used industrial pallet racks can save you up to 40 percent on the cost of a rack system, so if you are facing a very tight budget, call Easy Rack for a quote on a used system.  Once the system is designed and the parts are tested, we will ship it to your location and facilitate installation with a team of trained specialists who will work on our behalf to help set it up in your building.

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