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Yard Ramps For Lloading Dock

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Ground To Dock Commercial Loading Dock Yard Ramps

Easy Rack’s loading dock yard ramp is set in place with cement or a portable steel loading dock when it is unloaded from the tractor trailer. It is secured to the dock by chains or optional dock chain brackets. That’s it, your loading dock ramp is ready to use.

Steel grating with the bearing bars leaning in the direction of travel gives utmost strength while the jagged top offers outstanding traction while stopping build-up of snow, water, and other rubbish. Solid steel deck approach plates at both ends offer a smooth transition and maximum durability for the ramp. (CAUTION: Some competitor’s units use open grating at both ends… this allows the steering wheels of the forklift to twist the bearing bars causing failure).

Loading Dock Yard Ramp Features
• All steel welded structure
• 16,000 to 60,000 lbs capacities
• Lengths from 18′ to 50′ and more
• Widths from 70″ to 120″ and wider
• Dock leveling devices mechanical or hydraulic
• Traction provided by steel serrated grating and diamond plate

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