Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Easy Rack has industrial steel drum compactors and crushers designed specifically for recycling 55-gallon drums.

It's no secret that 55 gallon drums are some of the most convenient storage systems seen in modern industrial facilities today. When you use a lot of 55-gallon drums, you know that these storage vessels can quickly become a liability when it comes to proper disposal. Easy Rack has a steel drum compactor designed specifically for recycling empty 55-gallon drums.

Many recycling and disposal companies charge an arm and a leg for disposal of industrial drums and this is simply is not cost effective for small to medium sized companies. However, for large organizations Easy Rack steel drum compactors are able crush 55 gallon drums into a 6" disk of steel using more than 38,000 lbs of crushing power. Steel drum compactors are high powered and excellent for reducing the amount of storage space required for drum storage, and reduce the costs of disposal too.

Steel drum crushers are incredibly simple for anyone to use, and a 25 second turnaround between crushing actions, it is possible to run a very effective process and get the most out of the machine. With the ease of use offered by the latest drum dollies and steel drum compactors from Easy Rack, and the impressive power that they are able to bring into place for crushing and compressing waste makes them a useful drum handling accessory for managing your storage space.

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