Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Easy Rack is one of the largest suppliers of new and used pallet racks, including the innovative pallet flow racking system.

What is new in pallet racking material handling equipment?
Pallet flow racks are one of the latest innovations in bulk storage metal racks. These pallet flow systems offer a number of advantages over conventional pallet racks, and are being installed in an ever increasing number of warehouses thanks to the increased efficiency and space saving factors that they offer to owners.

What makes pallet flow systems so unique over standard pallet racks?
While conventional pallet racking systems require strict stock control to ensure that the oldest stock is used ahead of newer acquisitions, this whole system is built into the construction of a pallet flow rack, and you will automatically rotate your stock. Unlike long bar pigeon hole racks, your stock is easy and continually rotated with pallet flow racking equipment.

How are pallet flow racks constructed and how do they work?
The actual construction of a Easy Rack pallet flow rack system is a fairly radical deviation from conventional static shelving, and while it requires a higher cost of installation and purchase over other options, it provides a number of benefits in terms of the space saving and better stock control that it offers as standard.

Essentially, in a pallet flow rack bulk storage system, pallets are loaded and unloaded the end of the racks rather than along the side. Instead of standard mesh shelving, a system of braked rollers along a gentle incline is used. Once pallets are loaded on one end of the rack, they begin sliding along to the other end where they fill up the storage area. The oldest items are always next in line to be unloaded, and this ensures that stock is not wasted and new articles are always next in line.

A system of air hoses can raise the shelving storage racks up at one end to allow it to roll along the shelf until it gets into the desired location for storage. Once the item is in place, the beams are lowered to a rest position so that the pallet remains in place. The wheels that the loads roll along are contained within the beam, and require minimal maintenance, keeping running costs for the pallet flow rack system as low as possible.

Where can I purchase pallet flow rack systems online?
Easy Rack is one of the largest suppliers of new and used pallet racks, including the innovative pallet flow racking system. Our trained material handling consultants can answer any questions you may have or assist you with an order. Feel free to contact us online or by calling us at 281-342-0200. Looking for modular buildings or assistance installing modular buildings?

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