Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Industrial drum heaters are designed to heat a standard 55 gallon drum quickly, evenly and effectively.

If a liquid is too cold, it may not flow properly, or adhere to a surface correctly when it is being applied, and this can cause huge problems in achieving the proper finish on a job. Volatile liquids need to be kept at the correct temperature, and the best way of achieving this, and maintaining liquids at the right heat is through the use of Easy Rack 55-gallon barrel heaters.

These ingenious industrial drum heaters are specially designed to evenly heat the outside of a standard 55 gallon drum without creating variation in temperatures. There are a number of different drum handling equipment and heaters from Easy Rack that are designed to heat the liquid to the correct temperature.

A normal barrel heater clamps around the outside of a standard 55 gallon drum, and a set of heating elements inside the unit provide a source of heat that can be controlled. Most 55-gallon drum heaters include a thermostat that automatically regulates the temperature that the barrel is heated to the right temperature. This helps with drum dispensing of any liquid.

The key difference between different drum heaters models is the range of temperature settings that they are capable of achieving. For example, if you use a 480 volt model that produces 4,400 watts it can produce extremely high temperatures up to 550 F. This high temperature is excellent for viscous liquids. For smaller jobs, such as 5-gallon containers, Easy Rack has 5-gallon pail heaters.

When using a barrel heater in your workplace, safety should always be one of your main priorities, and despite the various safety procedures that are in place thanks to the design of the heaters, it is still important to make sure that you pay attention to the heat of the unit, and are always aware of the risks involved with any volatile chemical. It is vitally important that industrial drum heaters are not used with liquids that create flammable vapors, as the elements can get hot enough to cause the gas to ignite and cause a fire.

Easy Rack sales staff can assist you in selecting the correct pail and drum heater for your needs. Why not give us a call at 281-342-0200 and let us earn your business? We welcome your call and the opportunity to serve you!

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