Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Temporary or semi-permanent modular environmental enclosures from Easy Rack provide a self contained commercial modular space.

How do businesses satisfy environmental enclosure needs on a temporary basis?
Nowadays more and more businesses are turning to high tech methods of production and it has become increasingly important to isolate certain parts of the production process using environmental enclosures. Temporary or semi-permanent modular environmental enclosures from Easy Rack provide a self contained area within an industrial facility or other building where sensitive processes can be carried out safely.

Whether your company specializes in producing computer components that must be assembled in a clean room environment without dust or dirt, or you need to create an area where toxic chemicals can be used without the risk of escape into the facility, an environmental enclosure or clean room from Easy Rack is an essential part of your organization.

What is considered an environmental modular enclosure?
Basically, an environmental enclosure is simply an in-plant modular office within a building where the operators have a great deal of control over all factors that affect the interior. From specifying an optimum temperature through to setting ideal humidity and dust levels for a process to be carried out, an environmental clean room offers your business the best option for keeping sensitive systems running at maximum efficiency.

Certain business types require a much more controllable modular environmental enclosure in which work can be carried out. A modular commercial clean room that offers the ability to prevent any escape of chemicals is required when working with certain pharmaceutical techniques, while minimizing the entry of dust into components is a key way of improving the way in which delicate and sensitive electronic components are produced. Modular cold storage buildings are another good example of a specialty need.

What are some of the benefits of modular clean rooms over standard enclosures?
First, all of the sub systems such as air conditioning, electricity and water are built into the actual room, trunking is included within the walls, and they are designed to fit together with a good seal to prevent any air leakage. Secondly, these clean room units are modular in design which makes it possible to remodel or rearrange the clean room anytime your needs change. Wall petitions and dividers can simply be moved around and modified to the new specifications in a matter of days without compromising the air seal integrity of the space.

Easy Rack has been selling modular environmental enclosures and installing all types of material handling supplies and equipment for years. Easy Rack is delighted to travel nationwide to any major city to service our extensive client base. Whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Phoenix Arizona, Easy Rack will dispatch trained staff to your area. Call 281-342-0200 and let us assist you today!

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