Saturday, February 9, 2008

Used Commercial Shelving, Industrial Widespan & Open Back Storage Shelves at Discount Prices from Easy Rack.

What benefits can we obtain from buying used commercial shelving?
Used commercial shelving offers the immediate, tangible benefit of savings that total 20% on the average in comparison to new equipment procurement costs. Pricing can be even lower based upon current availability.

Buying a used commercial industrial shelving system at a discount can offset the temptation to purchase new, but cheaper grade materials, which will generally not hold up in the long run. This offers you the best in manufacturing quality at a used-savings discount that eliminates the need to cut corners on quality.

What sizes and models are available in your inventory?

Easy Rack’s inventory offers models with weight capacities ranging from 450 pounds up to 2,000 pounds. We have open-backed units, close-backed units, and Widespan commercial shelving systems available in all gauges, sizes, and strengths.

What are the best uses for open-back units?
Generally, open back commercial shelves are used for storing lighter materials in warehouses and offices. Weight capacities for our many models range between 450-500 lbs. Open-back commercial shelves are excellent tools for conserving horizontal space because they tend to be taller than they are wide.

What is the difference between open-backed shelving systems and Widespan systems?
Widespans are a form of open-backed commercial shelving that are longer than they are tall.
For heavier storage capacities, or for environments where horizontal space conservation is less of an issue, you might want to consider using Widespan shelving. Based on open-backed design, Widespan industrial steel shelving normally feature wood-decked shelves reinforced by metal supports and support weight capacities of up to 2,000 lbs. The heavy-duty models are ideal storing equipment and heavy containers in warehouses.

Lighter-gauge Widespan shelving provides excellent document storage space in office environments. They also make excellent storage areas for hardcopy data and larger items such as bankers’ boxes.

You will also see Widespans used a great deal in auto repair shops behind service counters. Their extended horizontal space provides a large storage area without encroaching on walkway areas behind the counter.

How are closed-back units mostly used?
Closed back commercial shelving units are often used like cabinets because their backs and sides provide additional support and added stability. They can be folded together to protect sensitive materials such as chemicals and certain forms of paint.

Both lighter and heavier gauge closed back commercial shelves can be used for systematic component storage. Separators inserted into the shelves can create bin areas where small parts can be stored neatly and separately to make inventory more accurate and efficient.

What are some other benefits that Easy Rack can provide?
One of the primary advantages Easy Rack offers beyond face value cost savings is in-depth consultation and planning services to serious callers. Due to the wide range of used commercial storage racks we can access, we do not expect our clients to come to the table with dimensions, gauges, and material builds fixed firmly in mind.

We take responsibility to get to know your business and the many details of your product and data storage requirements. Our nationwide reach, extensive manufacturing, used warehouse stotage racks, acquisition, distribution, and installation network allows us to match model to need by asking key questions in an efficient, timely manner.

We frequently locate surpluses of certain types of material handling equipment and can arrange for even more of a discount. We also plan and oversee onsite installation on a nationwide basis. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with material handling distribution channels located in all 50 States including New York NY, Los Angles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., Dallas TX, Beaumont, TX. and El Paso, TX.

Click here to read customer reviews of our service and products in our testimonials page, and click here to take a closer, more detailed look at new and used commercial shelving.

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