Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skeleton Buckets & Skid Steer Bucket

Skeleton buckets are skid steer attachments with vertical tines that spaced a few inches apart. These tines let small rocks and dirt to fall through to the ground while simultaneously holding on to larger dirt and debris. These versatile and heavy-duty skid steer buckets are invaluable to both landscaping and construction because they allow workers to clear entire areas without gouging out deep holes in the ground.

There are many tools that workers have historically used to clear such. It is not like hauling trash away is all that hard. However, anything sold bottom container carries away dirt as well as debris, leaving holes in the ground that are both dangerous and unattractive.

Skeleton buckets move debris away much more effectively than other tools. In the western US, they are great for moving large rocks away from construction sites. In the southeastern and eastern parts of the nation, fork lift accessories are ideal for hauling away tree roots and the remnants of tree stumps. In urban areas, they are very used in demolition projects where crews must clear away fragments of previous buildings, such as broken cinder blocks and bricks, need to be removed from the lot. This saves tremendous money and time by maintaining keeping the terrain level for new construction. Farmers often use these buckets to remove debris, tree roots, and scrub brush from their fields and pastures. The environmental impact is minimal due to the open-ribbed bottom design. Scrap metal operations and junk yards will use skid steer skeleton buckets to sort out larger pieces of metal from smaller pieces of scrap. This helps them sort different materials according to size and place them in separate piles. Consolidating stock like this helps junk yards better organize scrap and keep it concentrated in areas away from human traffic and moving vehicles.

Skeleton Skid-Steer Buckets are designed with a leading edge, ¾” X 6” high carbon beveled blade that can be expanded with an optional, bolt-on blade attached. This attachment is often used for working around trees because it can more quickly cut through heavy root systems and stumps. Optional heavy duty teeth can be added when clearing metal, concrete, or cinder block. The top of the skeleton bucket is reinforced by closed box channel section, and heavy angle section at the bottom reinforces the structural backbone of the unit

Easy Rack skeleton buckets can be ordered in 66”, 72”, and 84” widths. Every unit is fitted with a heavy duty universal-fit skid-steer quick-tach intended to fit all current sized skid-steer loaders.

A skeleton bucket is a one-time investment that can be used in many applications for many years to come. Any construction or landscaping project that involves moving large amounts of debris off site will benefit from one of these rugged and versatile skid steer attachments.

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