Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pneumatically Operated Oil Filter Crushers

Oil filter crushers do more than you would think. You may assume that a machine that crushes a can is only a rudimentary tool of destruction and elimination. On an functional level this may be the case, but beyond the actuality of the mechanics, they offer tangible financial benefits for the companies who are smart enough to invest in them.

The most obvious of these benefits is consolidated storage space. We talk a great deal about saving on storage space with pallet racks. Please be aware that there are many other ways to reduce wasted space as well. Getting rid of materials that clutter corners and sections of the floor immediately frees up areas used to store debris, trash, and disposables. Common sense indicates that crushed filters take up far less room in storage areas and pose much less of a trip hazard.

Another advantage to using these oil filter crushing devices is a reduction in disposal costs. Government regulations specify that used filters are a form of hazardous waste. There are always expensive fees attached to getting rid of hazardous waste—especially if you do not do it right. When filters contain traces of residual oil, there are penalties attached. Oil filter crushers drain this excess oil prior to disposal, eliminating penalty costs in the process.

Another advantage that air powered oil filter crushers offer you is an improvement in facility safety. By draining filters, you will eliminate oil spillage which will cause severe slip and fall hazards in your facility. These units will not only to flatten filters, but also capture and contain excess oil so there will be no risk of worker injury in and around the places where crushed filters are subsequently stored.

Consider too how oil filter crushers will help our environment. Many companies are now being pressured by both the government and public opinion to be more environmentally proactive. Many have even improved their profit margins substantially by proving renewed environmental awareness to their customer base and the public in general. Showing the public that you have taken proactive steps in ridding the environment of a toxic and hazardous substance goes a long way toward improving the company image. In a vertical market where this may not be directly beneficial, think of how avoiding penalties that can be imposed for environmental contamination will save you money you would otherwise lose.

Oil filter crushers are safe and affordable to operate. Most run on shop air through pneumatic pumps. The absence of motors saves money on maintenance costs and electrical power costs. For some applications a powered unit may be necessary, however. In these circumstances, Easy Rack has units that operate on electric-hydraulic power. Crushing power ranges anywhere from 13,000 lbs for smaller units all the way up to 37,500 pounds for units designed to crush 55-gallon drums. Ask your Easy Rack specialist which oil drum crusher or oil filter crushers will best meet your waste disposal needs.

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