Monday, August 10, 2009

Tilting Lift Tables & Lift Carts

Manual and Semi-Automated Lift Tables and Lift Carts for Ergonomic Elevating and Tilting
Lift tables and lift carts are some of the most best ergonomic investments you can make. Engineered to lift and tilt heavy machinery so your workers will not have to, they help save millions of dollars in compensation and benefits payout each year. This is because lift tables and lift carts, when used correctly, virtually eliminate the otherwise common shoulder and back injuries among staff.

DC Powered and Manual Scissor Lift Carts
Expect unparalleled ergonomic support when lifting, palletizing, loading, and unloading equipment and materials. These carts are raised and lowered with a 12V DC powered motor or manual two-speed foot pump. Units are mobile with (2) rigid and (2) swivel 4" x 2" phenolic casters with brakes. The push button handles can also be removed if necessary.

A DC electric, 1600W motor powered by a factory-installed 12V battery powers the unit internally. Battery life is maintained with built in charger that operates on 115VAC.

It is easy to raise and lower this unit using push buttons. Also, you can operate this unit with a coil cord with a hand control. You can also prevent unauthorized access to the device with a key-operated ON/OFF control pre-installed in the power unit. OSHA compliance is guaranteed with a perimeter pinch-point guard around the platform.

Die Tables
Die tables reduce back injuries and minimize cumulative trauma disorders. They are ergonomically engineered to lift heavy items to an ergonomic working height. Every unit is raised by a manually operated hydraulic foot pump and lift cylinder. Years of reliable service are guaranteed with all-welded steel construction. The small size of the table allows you to safely use it in tight spots and cramped quarters. Each unit features two rigid and two swivel casters.

Lift and Tilt Carts with Sequence Select
This lift cart is built with a very unique design that allows you to elevate or lower materials for maximum ergonomic posture and comfort. You can lift, lower, and tilt the platform with manual, hydraulic foot pump controls. You can also control the unit remotely and independently from the tilt sequence by using the manual selector valve.

The semi-automated model elevates heavy materials with a foot actuated hydraulic cylinder. As you lift the platform, it automatically tilts to a 45-degree angle. A retainer lip holds containers in place.

Traction Drive Electric Hydraulic Lift Carts
The Traction Drive Electric Hydraulic Lift Cart makes it easy and safe for you to move heavy materials and items. A twist style throttle lets you to put the unit in reverse when you need to. By pushing a button, you can easily raise or lower the platform. A 24VDC helps power the unit with maintenance free batteries that stay charged 115VAC onboard charger. Standard f features include power front drive wheels, twist style throttle with reverse, and a fully programmable motor controller.


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