Friday, September 18, 2009

Commercial Stock Picking Ladders

Time is money in every area of business, but in some areas, time is more critical than it is in others. Inventory control is one of those areas. Consistent work flow literally means dollars and cents you either save or lose. Stock picking ladders help you manage inventory more quickly, efficiently and safely by giving your workers stable platforms they can easily climb and stand on while doing their jobs.

These units are perfect for small warehouses, stores that narrow aisles, and even heavy traffic areas. They are built to be mobile and compact so you can position them in places you cannot put larger ladders. They are designed with sturdy steel construction, and they are built in full compliance with OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI A14.7 regulations.

Constructed with handrails that employees can hold on to when they climb and stand on the unites, they are incredibly stable and safe to work on in any retail or industrial environments. A number of features make each commercial ladder very mobile, ergonomic, and highly practical for all stocking operations.

To start with, all steps on all stock picking ladders are exactly 24” across. This gives a worker just enough to stand on both feet and balance. You can also order steps with optional safety treads if additional precautions are needed.

Unit heights are from 92 inches to 122 inches. Platform heights are between 50 inches and 80 inches. Different models, of course, come with different numbers of steps. The smaller units have only 5 steps, while the largest units have 8. Every model, though, has a total weight capacitance of 350 pounds and a shelf capacity of 300 pounds.

Mobility is essential in the inventory control business. Nothing is a bigger hassle and more time consuming than having to lift the ladder and manually move it over to the next spot. Lifting also results in back and shoulder strain which no organization wants to risk.

To make things easier on staff, stock picking ladders are built with the same construction features as other types of steel rolling ladders. They are made with sprung casters that allow them to be rolled over the floor and then locked in place by rubber feet when a person climbs the steps. You can easily position them even in the tightest corners and more narrow of aisles with minimal risk of injury.

Many manufacturers also build powered stock picking work platforms that run on 12V marine batteries and winches. Push button controls mounted at the top of the platforms make these models easy to control. Bottom limit switches stops shelves automatically at the top and bottom of the units.

Companies in both warehouse distribution and store front retail sales have consistently reported improved efficiency in inventory control and fewer worker accidents after they made a reasonable investment in stock picking ladders.

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