Electric Pallet Stacker – MODEL #ERVSTL-S3-118-AA

electric-pallet-stacker--ervstl-s3-118-aaElectric Pallet Stacker

Electric Pallet Stacker MODEL #ERVSTL-S3-118-AA
An cost-effective alternative DC powered electric pallet stacker. Our electric pallet stacker is ideal for many maintenance and commercial applications. This unit can be used as manual hand pump lift or electric powered lift that is ideal when power is not available. High quality hydraulic pump and DC lift system has a compact design and strong steel profile construction. An cost-effective lift to handle tasks such as transporting dies, molds, pallets and skids. Easy Rack’s powered lift comes with two (2) 12V, 40Ah batteries. Integral battery charger, battery level gauge, and variable lowering speed. All models are easily maneuverable using the standard pull handle. Individual forks are 6″ wide.

When actuated, the emergency reverse belly switch instantly reverses direction and moves the unit forward (away from the operator) until the switch is released or after five seconds have elapsed. The built-in safety circuit will automatically disable the entire pallet stacking unit if the emergency reverse belly switch is activated for more than 5 seconds after which the unit must be reset to return to normal operating conditions. This state-of-the-art safety device provides a level of operator protection which is unmatched by any unit on the market today.


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