Monday, January 7, 2008

With Portable Clean Room Technology, it is now possible to get all the benefits of a traditional clean in a modular building.

Do you routinely work with environmentally sensitive materials or other processes that require a clean room environment on site? Then having a high quality modular clean room in which to carry out work on a job site location is absolutely essential for quality control. High Tech manufacturing and quality control testing requires that you must work in a sanitary room with no contamination that could potentially compromise your work. The modular office building designers at Easy Rack can assist you with a specialty clean room design and installation.

The most important considerations that you need to have when planning your prefabricated portable modular clean room are to ensure that the environment that it provides is as pristine as possible and that the control systems operating within the unit are completely reliable and function perfectly at all time. It is vitally important that you are able to control every aspect of the atmosphere within the commercial modular clean room to prevent any contamination from outside sources that might otherwise contaminate the interior, and potentially damage whatever you are working on inside.

Easy Rack understands that installing clean room space within your business is a huge investment and the most important factor about the clean room is its reliability. Any deficiencies in the modular building construction can ruin large batches of materials and products. All Easy Rack clean rooms are constructed with high quality seals between the panels and precision matches to avoid leaks in the walls that might lead to an accidental intake of dust or any contamination. Our portable clean rooms offer exactly the same control as a conventional clean room, except that you now have a modular office building and the ability to move it from site to site.

Easy Rack has been selling modular bus stop shelters, modular buildings, prefab modular shelters and installing all types of material handling supplies and equipment for years. Easy Rack technicians will travel nationwide to any major city to service our valued commercial clients. Whether you live in New York City, San Diego California, Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Phoenix Arizona, Easy Rack will dispatch trained staff to your area.

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