Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Modular Sun Tanning Rooms for Beauty Salons, Day Spas, Wellness Centers & Resorts.

One of the fastest growing industries on the planet is that of beauty and wellness, and this has created a large number of opportunities for businesses who want to take advantage of the growth in the market. For new upstart businesses and existing salons or boutiques indoor tanning booths represent a viable revenue stream. Everyone enjoys looking good and having a great tan all year round and providing them with modular tanning booth is a great way to fulfill that desire.

Modular tanning rooms from Easy Rack offer you the ability to install a series of small rooms within an existing building that can be used for both tanning or massage tables. This means that almost any building or lease space can be easily converted using modular enclosures and provide adequate facilities for a number of tanning beds each with their own unique space within the building.

As the indoor tanning industry grows, with more and more people choosing to use artificial tanning methods in order to ensure that they have a healthy color all year round, there is enormous potential for growth for your business. Although, we do not sell tanning equipment, we do sell customized modular offices specifically for this segment of the market.

Easy Rack has been selling modular buildings, prefabricated modular structures, new & used pallet racks and installing all types of material handling supplies and equipment for years. Easy Rack is delighted to travel nationwide to any major city to service our extensive client base. Whether you live in New York City, Malibu California, Chicago Illinois, Round Rock Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Tempe Arizona, Easy Rack we can service your needs.

Call 888-776-3720 and let us assist you today!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Portable modular buildings from Easy Rack take the guesswork out of creating temporary office space.

Dynamic businesses and progressive companies must remain as flexible as possible. In the same way as the mammals were able to conquer the world after the death of the dinosaurs thanks to their high speed and intelligence, businesses have evolved to be smaller and smarter in the past few years, and any tool that can add to the advantage is important. Portable buildings from Easy Rack allow your company to make even better use of existing space than ever before.

Portable buildings allow for rapid expansion when space becomes a premium.
Years ago, planning for the future could be detailed and exact, and most business owners would know where they intended to be ten years from now. However, the rapid changes of the modern marketplace mean that such detailed strategic planning is difficult to say the least, and instead of knowing the exact layout of future expansion they must speculate. Portable modular buildings take the guesswork out of creating temporary office space and are rapidly becoming the solution for expansion, growth and material handling needs.

Can portable buildings be easily moved or relocated in my facility?
Yes, by using temporary portable buildings within your factory or other industrial building, it is possible to relocate a division at the stroke of a pen, and thanks to the ease with which a modular portable building can be moved to a different place using a forklift with attachments.
In the past, a big concern about using portable temporary buildings was that they might be made of low quality materials, and not offer a good long term solution. This is certainly not the case any more. Modular building construction use high technology materials that are cut using computer precision in order to ensure the perfect fit is achieved every time. With high quality noise deadening layers built into the walls and floors, and proper glass windows, the effect is one of permanence, and the feeling of the finish is one of quality.

What types of portable buildings do you carry?
From small in-plant office spaces and lunch rooms to go inside your factory area through to rest rooms and cold storage rooms with all the services including electricity and water ready to go, the modern range of top quality temporary portable buildings available from Easy Rack is certain not to disappoint you. In addition to commercial lighting fixtures our guard shacks and security houses are perfect for beefing up security around your plant. for addressing security issues.

Do you sell and install your products on a nationwide basis?
Easy Rack has been selling portable prefab temporary buildings and installing all types of material handling supplies and equipment for years. Easy Rack technicians will travel nationwide to any major city to service our valued clients. Whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Phoenix Arizona, Easy Rack will dispatch trained staff to your area. Call 281-342-0200 and let us assist you today!

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