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]]><p> <strong>Angled Wall Beacon Sconce&#38;nbsp; </strong>The Angled Wall Beacon Sconce was designed with an open bottom and beveled edge for a combination of maximum light output and modern aesthetics. Ideal for use in decorative and security wall mount applications. Gasketed mounting attachment and quick mount plate fits directly to a 4&#38;quot; J-Box or wall. Die cast ballast tray is accessible through the flat or domed top. Available with up to 100W Metal Halide, 42W Compact Fluorescent, and 75W Incandescent light sources. Flood and spot reflectors available. The fixture is finished with a durable polyester powdercoat paint.<span style="color: #f00"><em><strong>&#38;nbsp; Specs: Description&#38;nbsp; 42W Fluor, 120V Flood REFL, Lenght 7.3&#38;quot;, Height&#38;nbsp; 15&#38;quot;, and Diameter 5.75&#38;quot;.</strong></em></span></p>Manufacturer: ]]> Model #: TL-AWB-y]]> Price: $239.00
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