Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prefab Modular Building Shelters, Installation & Sales Nationwide at Affordable Prices.

Do you build, ship and install prefabricated outdoor shelters?
Yes, we can custom fabricate, ship and even install any new prefabricated modular shelter you desire. At Easy Rack, you can choose any number of different outdoor shelters including modular smoking shelters and bus stop shelter designs. From single wall economy models to fully enclosed elaborate bus shelter enclosures, both provide a welcome oasis to bus riders or smokers seeking shelter from inclement weather or direct sunshine.

How are prefabricated shelters delivered?
Our prefabricated building shelters are shipped in modular building sections that can easily be assembled on site in a very short period of time. The number of actual sections depends on the size and design of your outdoor prefabricated shelter. Your consultant can discuss this with you prior to placing the order.

What are some examples of prefabricated shelters that you sell online?
Easy Rack has a plethora of modular building products such as bus stop shelters, shelters made of steel or any building enclosure you need. From small in-plant office spaces and lunch rooms that go inside your factory to rest rooms and cold storage rooms with all the services including electricity and water ready to go, the range of top quality temporary portable buildings available from Easy Rack is certain not to disappoint you.

Do you sell other products?
Yes. We have a full line of commercial lighting fixtures, decorative lighting fixtures as well as material handling products to compliment your modular building. Easy Rack is a major online provider of bus stop shelters, modular buildings and all types of material handling supplies and equipment.

Whether you store commercial products in New York City, Orange County California, Chicago Illinois, El Paso Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Tucson Arizona, Easy Rack is pleased to provide a detailed quote or design assistance.

Contact us toll free at 888-776-3720 or visit our material handling blog for helpful information. Have you read what out customers are saying about Easy Rack?

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