Monday, January 18, 2010

Canopy Shelters & Fabric Shade Structures

Canopy shelters provide protect against the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light. They can protect people, animals, and plants. Everywhere they are used, they make the environment safer. Today’s technology lets manufacturers build these shade structures in a variety of colors, too, so the appearance of the facility is enhanced by their presence.

When buying canopy shelters, it is necessary to select a model that can withstand other environmental variables besides the sun. These shelters ought to be able to withstand a beating from rain, wind, snow, and hail. Talk to an Easy Rack expert to determine the requirements of your particular application so that he or she can recommend the very best patio canopy shelter for your part of the country.

One thing to always consider is who you plan to protect, and when. If you own a home, you will no doubt want to cover those areas where people gather the most. Patio canopy shelters are a great way to protect outdoor seating areas from sunlight. A variety of colored fabric sun shade covers are made that will also compliment your home’s architecture and your landscape design theme. You can use these shade covers over either conventional patios or swimming pool patios.

If you have a very large yard with a practice field or a large open space where children play freely, nothing stands in the way of you buying a playground shade covering. These canopy shade covers block 95% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation and are the best way to keep your kids safe while they have fun. They are also ideal for keeping pets safe.

Of course, if you operate a school, public playground, water theme park, or outdoor athletic field, you will definitely benefit from one of these solar shades. Made exclusively in the USA and covered by a comprehensive warranty, you can count on playground canopy shelters to last for years.

Commercial entities and large public parks often require a great deal more shade in open areas. In the summer, municipalities often hold special events in these parks and need huge areas in which to host concerts, games, and food concessions. Tensile canopy sail structures are normally recommended for these purposes. They provide plenty of breathing room in the shade so crowds of people can enjoy the summer fun without the summer sunburn.

These tensile structures are clear span shade covers that stretched over a variety of frame types with high tension force. The tension makes them super resilient and stable in high wind and rains. There are all kinds of supports, including frame supports, cable net supports, air supports, grid shells, and even geodesic domes.

The shade cloth that is used to manufacture canopy shelters is flame retardant and typically waterproof. This makes every solar shade covering compliant with building codes all over the country and applicable to the climate of any region of the United States.
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