Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awnings, Canopies & Shade Structures

Shade structures from Easy Rack can be used in all sorts of commercial and residential applications. The benefits of light transmittance, heat absorption, and heat transfer make a real economic difference to companies. The experts at Easy Rack can review the environmental requirements of every client and built a site-specific, custom shade structure that offers maximum solar protection at competitive pricing. Our shade structures are made to withstand the many forces of nature, including wind, rain, and snow.

UV Protection Canopies
Easy Rack sun shades keep playgrounds cooler and keep UV rays from harming children. They are ideal for churches, schools, playgrounds, and hospitals, and they block 95% of harmful UV rays. These are permanent structures that are available in multiple sizes and colors. They are maintenance free, and they are engineered to withstand winds of up to 80 miles per hour.

Tension Shade Structures for Clear Span Protection
Easy Rack coverings are made from tension membranes that offer shade to large expanses of ground. They vary in size and style, depending on what structural elements are used to construct them. There are many different builds to choose from. You can choose from frame supports, air supports, cable net, and cable and strut. Geodesic dome structures and grid shells are also very common to free span shade structures.

Common structural elements that are found in these veritable tension structures are steel supports that that work in conjunction with tension cables that shape and support fabric tops. Such designs give an added advantage to the reduction of wind and snow loads. They also provide greater flexibility in design than standard building materials.

A great number of advanced outdoor fabrics are employed in the manufacture of these stretched membrane structures. PVC coated polyester fabrics, PTFE coated glass fabrics, stretched membrane structures, PTFE coated glass fabrics, EFTE foils, and polyethylene coated fabrics are just a few of these materials.

Shade Structures in Standard and Custom Designs
Easy Rack standard and custom shade structures can be obtained in a wide range of designs. Custom structures are configured specific to the needs of the client.

Modular Shade Structures
Easy Rack modular shade structures are meant to be attractive, affordable solutions for seasonal or temporary uses. They are available in many fabric colors and are made with braces and brace plates ideal for securing frames. They can also be ordered with waterproof tops.

Triangular Truss Shade System
Easy Rack triangular truss shade structures are durable and easy to install. Shade panels are attached to aluminum trusses that have springs for easy installation and removal. Aluminum components and galvanized columns give clients years of maintenance free usage.

Warren Truss Shade System
Warren shade structures allow for better column spacing over the conventional pipe frame systems. They provide an economic way to provide shade to larger expanses of ground. They are flexible and can be built to meet applicable building codes and customized to suit specific needs.

Easy Rack stocks a vast inventory of commercial shelving, material handling equipment, commercial lighting, used pallet racks, work platform forklift attachments and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide.

If you can not find what you are looking for contact us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with stocking vendors located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Maryland, Charlotte, N.C, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado, Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky, Irving, Texas, Amarillo, TX, Dallas, TX, Brownsville, Texas, Grand Prairie, TX, Pasadena, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas., El Paso, Texas, New York NY, Miami Fl, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, Ca, Phoenix, AZ, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL .

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