Monday, October 1, 2007

Commercial Pallet Stackers & Pallet Trucks are affordable alternatives to expensive fork lifts.

Pallet stacker's are most commonly used for transporting a single pallet from the floor to a workspace. Pallet stackers have all the capacity that you need in order to move weights up to 4000 pounds depending on the exact model to select. Pallet stacking devices are flexible in use to carry a range of different commercial pallets and crates.

Commercial Pallet Stacker's are affordable alternatives to a fork lift truck in moving either pelleted loads or wooden crates around a warehouse or factory. It has a number of advantages over a larger and more expensive forklift, although there are also a number of deign limitations that restrict the range of its applications, and mean that it cannot be used as an exact alternative.

One of the unique factors that make these pallet stacker's such a useful addition to any warehouse is the fact that the forks are so adjustable. Featuring a standard size 4” wide fork that is 26” in length, they are designed to support a standard pallet base, but thanks to the fact that the separation of the forks can be set at anything between 8" and 37 ", it is possible to safely lift a massive range of different sized objects including crates and even drums.

Pallet stacker's have relatively small footprint making them easy to maneuver through rows and rows of warehouse shelving. Stacker's can be easily navigated through a tight space, and feature a set of heavy duty swivel casters and powered wheels. Power comes from on board batteries that can be charged through a standard AC supply, and will give enough charge to perform all the tasks that you ask of them. The key aspect of the electric pallet feature of these models is their low center of gravity and counter balanced weight system.

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