Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nobody Does Pallet Rack Installations Better Than Easy Rack!

When creating a new storage area for your business, all industrial shelving methods must be reviewed and pallet racks are a good starting point. One should consider the quality of the pallets themselves as well as the pallet racking installation.

Most bulk materials are now delivered on pallets or bulk containers and organizing them within the warehouse makes internal and external material handling logistics of products on pallets much quicker. Fork lifts can be used to easily move items where they are needed, rather than picking them up individually by hand.

There is a common perception that used pallet racking installers are a dime a dozen. This is not a simple process that can be carried out by just anyone. Pallet rack assembly must be carried out by trained professionals who are experienced in all aspects of the process for nothing more than safety reasons.

Every pallet racking installation is completely different. From the material used in the flooring through to the height of the racks, and the kind of materials that your racking need to support, each installation has its own design considerations. Easy Rack has professionals that will evaluate the space for used pallet racks, and then customize the installation to those needs from start to finish in order to ensure that the whole process results in the most secure and safe system possible for pallet storage.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of modular buildings, material handling equipment and offer installation & sales nationwide on the following material handling systems:

Used Pallet Racks
Heavy Duty Shelving & Pallet Racks
Warehouse Pallet Racks
Tear Drop Style Used Pallet Racks
Used Pallet Racks
Cantilever Racks
Drive Thru Pallet Racks
Used Pallet Racking
Pallet Rack Systems
Pallet Flow Racks
Used Pallet Storage Racks

Why not contact the material handling specialists at Easy Rack today?

Easy Rack has been delivering mezzanine systems, pallet racks, electric pallet stackers, ergonomic equipment, commercial lighting fixtures and installing all types of material handling supplies and equipment for years. Easy Rack is eager to travel nationally to any major city to service our commercial and industrial client base. Whether you live in Buffalo New York, Palm Springs California, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or even Phoenix Arizona, Easy Rack will dispatch trained staff to your area.

Call toll free at 888-776-3720 and let us assist you or visit our material handling blog archives for helpful information! See how our storage solutions stack up against the competition!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are you looking for a professional pallet rack installation company that specializes in used pallet racking equipment?

Whether you choose a completely new set of pallet racks, and have them professionally installed or decide to cut costs where possible and opt for fully tested used pallet racking, you will find that Easy Rack stocks the largest inventory of used pallet rack storage systems in the nation. Easy Rack can provide assistance and guide you through the acquisition and installation process.

The first step in purchasing any pallet rack system is to study your floor plan and plan for today's needs as well as tomorrows needs. Storage of bulk materials is very important, for enjoying quantity discounts from your vendors and,the larger the discount that you are able to negotiate, the better your margins will be. The more product you buy, the more storage you need, and this is where choosing your steel pallet rack systems carefully comes into play.

In order to properly maximize the amount of available space you have in the storage ares, it is important to build upwards. A fork lift truck with attachments will be able to reach the highest levels of your pallet racking, and materials stored at ground level can be obtained using manual carts to make the whole material handling process more efficient. Remember to plan for adequate space in the aisles between the racks for moving pallets with fork lift accessories or pallet jacks..

When it comes to the actual pallet rack installation of your industrial shelving, choose Easy Rack for all your needs. The actual installation of the pallet rack systems needs to be carried out by professionals pallet rack installers who know what they are doing. This will ensure that all of the beams and columns are properly fitted together in order to maximize the structural strength and safety of the system when in use.

Are you looking for a professional pallet rack installation company that specializes in used pallet racking equipment? Call 281-342-0200 and let one of our professional material handling consultants discuss your needs. We are here to help and welcome the opportunity to serve you!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tilt Masters resolve all of these problems with hydraulic and electrical lifting systems.

What are some tangible benefits offered by tilt masters?
Large pallets containing fragile materials can also easily be damaged when using generic pallet jacks that lack the hydraulic lift to properly elevate the supplies and move them from station to station or station to storage. Even more importantly, worker safety can be at risk in cramped quarters where laborers have to manually lift supplies, boxes, crates, and barrels. It is a scientific fact that severe back injuries can result from lifting only 25 lbs. Incorrectly, and the loss of skilled labor and the cost of workman’s compensation is far too much risk to take even for a larger organization. Tilt Masters resolve all of these problems with hydraulic and electrical lifting systems that can safely elevate loads of up to 3 tons to the necessary height and tilt at up to 90° to accommodate dual function as a transportation tool and temporary replacement for a worktable.

What are the differences between the manual tilt master and the master straddle?
The manual tilt master works like an ergonomic pallet jack. It is ideal for lifting and tilting crates, boxes, and pallets with an open bottom. It forces the worker to stand in a correct position when loading or unloading product. A person does not have to bend down or reach over to use the equipment, so the risk of shoulder strain or back injury is significantly minimized. The Tilt Master’s forks can be tilted at up to 90°, and it rolls smoothly over a variety of warehouse surfaces on 6" x 2" polyurethane swivel casters with brake and foot protectors. .

The Tilt Master Straddle offers a higher level of maneuverability and multi-function options.
It can actually double as a pallet truck and a portable tilt table. The DC powered lifting mechanism completely eliminates the need for manual exertion. A folding ergonomic handle offers dual steering grips to precisely maneuver the unit down cramped aisles or areas where materials are stacked and people are working. The unit’s thin profile further improves on worker safety by allowing laborers to get as close to the load as possible for greater control. When the unit is stationary, it can be trusted not to move or shift position due to solid floor locks that grip and hold the tilt master in place. The Tilt Master Straddle can be used for any kind of container or pallet, including odd-sized loads and barrels. The 12V DC electric motor contains an on-board battery charger, so when the unit is idle it can be plugged in to renew engine power.

Contact Us or read about additional information about all our ergonomic material handling products that you can obtain through Easy Rack. For product specifications call 713-553-1122 today.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Are you having trouble manuevering items on your old fork lift and are looking for an ergonomic tilt master pallet truck?

Is your warehouses already at or near capacity with things stacked to the ceiling? Are you having trouble maneuvering items on your fork lift and you are looking for a better solution? Well, a Easy Rack ergonomic tilt master pallet truck can safely maneuver where a fork truck cannot and may be just what you are looking for to solve your problem.

Large pallets containing sensitive or delicate materials can also easily be damaged when using generic electric pallet jacks that lack the hydraulic lift to properly raise the supplies and move them from station to station or station. Consequently, worker safety can be at risk in cramped quarters where laborers have to manually lift supplies, boxes, crates, and barrels. It is a fact that severe back injuries can result from lifting only 25 pounds. Incorrectly, and the loss of skilled labor and the cost of workman’s compensation is far too much risk to take even for a larger organization.

Tilt Masters pallet trucks resolve all of these problems with hydraulic and electrical lifting systems that can safely elevate loads of up to 3 tons to the necessary height and tilt at up to 90° to accommodate dual function as a transportation tool and temporary replacement for a worktable.

Easy Rack carries commercial grade ergonomic tilt master pallet trucks for just about any size task. Our material handling specialists are knowledgeable and friendly. They can help you find just the right solution to your material handling needs.

Contact Us at 713-553-1122 and see for yourself what others are saying about our world class service!

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Commercial Pallet Stackers & Pallet Trucks are affordable alternatives to expensive fork lifts.

Pallet stacker's are most commonly used for transporting a single pallet from the floor to a workspace. Pallet stackers have all the capacity that you need in order to move weights up to 4000 pounds depending on the exact model to select. Pallet stacking devices are flexible in use to carry a range of different commercial pallets and crates.

Commercial Pallet Stacker's are affordable alternatives to a fork lift truck in moving either pelleted loads or wooden crates around a warehouse or factory. It has a number of advantages over a larger and more expensive forklift, although there are also a number of deign limitations that restrict the range of its applications, and mean that it cannot be used as an exact alternative.

One of the unique factors that make these pallet stacker's such a useful addition to any warehouse is the fact that the forks are so adjustable. Featuring a standard size 4” wide fork that is 26” in length, they are designed to support a standard pallet base, but thanks to the fact that the separation of the forks can be set at anything between 8" and 37 ", it is possible to safely lift a massive range of different sized objects including crates and even drums.

Pallet stacker's have relatively small footprint making them easy to maneuver through rows and rows of warehouse shelving. Stacker's can be easily navigated through a tight space, and feature a set of heavy duty swivel casters and powered wheels. Power comes from on board batteries that can be charged through a standard AC supply, and will give enough charge to perform all the tasks that you ask of them. The key aspect of the electric pallet feature of these models is their low center of gravity and counter balanced weight system.

If you are considering adding a pallet truck or pallet stacker to your fleet of tools and equipment, we trust that you will contact the professionals at Easy Rack. We can be reached at 713-553-1122 or online at

We look forward to your call and the opportunity to assist you!

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pallet trucks come in all shapes and sizes for commercial materials handling.

I had no idea just how many different type pallet trucks are made until I started looking around for a solution. What I found online and in catalogs was amazing! Easy Rack carries a wide variety of pallet trucks including gas and electric pallet truck and pallet jacks with scales.

Listed below are the many different pallet truck types that Easy Rack has to offer:

Gasoline Powered Pallet Truck - Powerful gas powered pallet truck with traction drive system makes it easy to move bulky material over rugged, uneven terrain. Pallet truck will handle loads of 2000 lbs. or 4000 lbs. capacity @ 18" load center, pallet truck also includes power fork lift and lower, durable steel construction means years of dependable use with blue painted finish.

All Terrain Pallet Truck - Pallet Jack - Heavy duty all terrain pallet truck is lightweight yet its strong tubular frame design handles evenly distributed loads up to 2,000 lbs.

Pallet Truck with Scale - A pallet jack with built in scales allows you to weigh your material on location to maximize employee efficiency. Pallet truck frame has a heavy duty steel construction for strength and durability.

Big Wheel Pallet Truck - Pallet Jacks - Big front wheel heavy duty pallet truck is a new piece of material handling equipment that facilitates moving products or bulky material over uneven floors. Load capacity is 4,500 lbs.

Sidewinder Pallet Truck - Transport long bulky loads down narrow aisles with this heavy-duty pallet truck. This versatile and durable pallet truck retains all the quality workmanship of a standard hand pallet truck in addition to providing lateral movement.

Chrome, Galvanized, Zinc and Plated Pallet Jacks - Engineered for corrosive material handling or wet environments these full featured pallet jacks were designed for laboratories, chemical, pharmaceutical and wash down. Features include skid adaptors, low temp hydraulic oil, adjustable push rods and 180 degree turning radius.

Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks with Stainless Steel Frame & Forks - Designed for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food and damp environments. Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks offer long life in harsh environments.

Power Assisted Ergonomic Pallet Jacks - Pallet Trucks - Anyone who has operated a fully loaded pallet truck knows the most strenuous part is starting the wheels rolling. This Pallet Truck solves this back breaking problem. Pumping the handle of the pallet truck serves two purposes. First, it serves the traditional purpose of lifting the forks. Second, switch to the power drive accumulator and by pulling the handle back, the pallet truck begins to roll automatically, thus reducing the pulling force.

Nose Wheel Pallet Truck - Pallet Jack - This type of pallet jack is designed to position pallets or skids closely in a row. The fork end is set back from the front rollers allowing for one pallet pick up at a time. The unit has a rubber grip handle with a three lever position for easy operation and maneuvering. This heavy duty unit is rated at 5,000 pounds capacity and has a service range from 3-1/2" to 8". Unit includes two articulating steering wheels and two front load rollers. Spring loaded loop handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use. Extra long 45" forks are used with standard 48" long pallets. Short 38" forks are used for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Economical Hand Pallet Truck - Pallet Jack - Our quality built hand pallet truck is an economical and safe way for employees to move loaded pallet skids without a fork lift.

Did you know there was some many pallet truck choices? Call Easy Rack at 713-553-1122 and let them help you make the best materials handling investment within your budget! Their customer service agents are knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful in answering all your questions regarding pallet trucks or other commercial equipment. As far as I am concerned, my first choice for any material handling equipment is Easy Rack!

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Replace manual lifting and carrying with material handling equipment from Easy Rack.

Tired of toting heavy materials by hand? Are you constantly living in fear that you may pull or tear a muscle? Or even worse, ruin your back for life? It's time to get a grip and work smart!

Easy Rack knows that shipping and receiving is the lifeblood of the industrial and commercial world. Inefficiently run loading docks and unsafe working conditions can stagnate process flow a little at a time, causing profits to slowly dwindle away until a significant loss appears at the end of the year on the annual report. Operations managers can ensure this doesn't happen by investing in material handling equipment specifically designed for the loading docks.

Material handling equipment can even increase available workspace by converting the unused vertical cube between floor and ceiling space into a busy corridor for product and supply movement and storage. With heavy-duty material handling equipment such as ergonomic equipment, pallet trucks, bridge cranes and jib cranes, dollies, assembly lines and storage facilities can move products with three-dimensional handling previously available only in human hands.

Our material handling equipment inventory also features lift tables and cantilever hoists with a load capacity engineered to move the heaviest and most awkward items rapidly and safely with greatly reduced risk of product damage and human injury.

Easy Rack offers a complete inventory of material handling equipment of all types. Our wide selection of both new and used material handling equipment offers a safe and economical way for employees to efficiently do their jobs on a day-to-day basis. The tangible benefits companies can count on receiving in return for their investment is improved time to market, reduced risk of injury and subsequent insurance costs, and reduced and possibly eliminated overtime?all of which drive overhead down and profits up.

Call us today at 713-553-1122 and let us help you find exactly what you need to make your organization grow.

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