Monday, February 4, 2008

Electric Pallet Jacks, Manual Forklift Truck Supplies & Accessories Online at Discount Prices from Easy Rack.

There are a wide range of different designs and manufacturers of electric pallet jacks that supply material handling products through Easy Rack. In general, all of the manufacturers we promote carry variations of electric and manual pallet jacks with subtle differences depending on the actual model or features that you select.

One of the advantages of using electric powered pallet stackers or trucks over manual pallet jacks is to gain a much larger range of movement during the loading process. Using an electric pallet jack with a built in scale, it is possible to raise the load much more quickly to a greater height. This means that the user will find it much easier to lift a palletized load to a level where it can be conveniently handled by the end user rather than leaving the items at floor level.

Thanks to the strength of the load bearing platform on an power assisted pallet jack, it is possible to lift surprisingly heavy weights and make it easy to move them around the warehouse of factory. In addition to this, it is also much more straightforward to get heavy loads onto a truck or trailer with the jack rather than using a forklift. The single button control system that is used by the electric pallet jack means that it is a much more straightforward system when in use than conventional jacks, so users will only require a very short training session before they are confident to use the truck properly.

The latest electric pallet jacks offer the same kind of pneumatic or hydraulic lifting capacity of their conventional gas powered rivals, and are quicker and more efficient to use.

Here are some electric pallet truck specifications that you should know:

- Electric pallet lift trucks run off 24Volt batteries with battery charger standard.
- The 3,000 pound capacity models use two 12Volt batteries with 70Ah rating.
- The 4,500 pound capacity models use four 12Volt batteries with 180Ah rating.
- Electric pallet trucks will typically achieve a minimum of eight hours of service on a full charge.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of pallet trucks, commercial shelving, material handling equipment, commercial lighting, used pallet racks, and modular buildings installed nationwide.

If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Easy Rack is based in Houston, Texas with regional distribution centers located in all 50 States including New York NY, Los Angles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI.

Read our testimonials section, product reviews, pallet term glossary or visit our material handling blog to learn more about Easy Rack.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Used Industrial Shelving Concepts from Easy Rack Can Save You Big Bucks Over New Commercial Shelving Systems.

Used industrial shelving from Easy Rack offers you exactly what you are looking for in a low cost solution. You get all the advantages of the highest quality storage racks at a price that is significantly lower than what you would pay for brand spanking new shelving or pallet racks. This allows you to invest in quality warehouse shelves that are built to last, rather than being forced to buy cheaper shelves that are not manufactured to the same exacting standards as those available from Easy Rack.

Easy Rack is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial storage and pallet rack solutions in the United States of America. Easy Rack offers an extensive range of new and used industrial shelving to meet all your needs. When you choose to buy used industrial shelving, rather than investing in new units, you not only get all the advantages of buying the best quality storage systems on the market, but you also benefit from getting that high quality unit made from the best materials at a much lower price.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of commercial shelving, material handling equipment, commercial lighting, used pallet racks, and modular buildings installed nationwide. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with distributors located in all 50 States including New York NY, Los Angles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., Dallas TX, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, Norfolk VA , Madison WI.

Call us toll free at 888-776-3720 for a free material handling estimate or to discuss your commercial or industrial shelving needs. Read our testimonials section or product reviews to learn more about Easy Rack.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Electric Pallet Stackers & Skid Lift Servers provide all in one versatility for a wide variety of product packaging and shipping department needs.

Are Electric Pallet Stackers & Skid Lift Servers classified as an ergonomic tool?
Yes, because it eliminates the need for human muscle to exert pressure on the standard hydraulic lifts of regular pallet jacks. It also provides for easier maneuverability to avoid twisting the back.

Which Pallet Stacker works best for a variety of containers and pallets?
Pallet stackers provides all in one versatility for a wide variety of product packaging. This is a key benefit to receiving departments that intake supplies from multiple manufacturers and who are receiving truckloads of different products, all of varying weights and dimensions. The Pallet Master can easily handle 4,000 pounds. Workers can operate the unit with a fingertip rocker switch control without having to exert or strain themselves. This pallet server works very well on a variety of floor surfaces also. Two 8” X 2” phenolic swivel casters guide the wheels and ensure mobility over occasional spots of debris or rough concrete in older warehouses. Easy Rack can install an optional remote or on-board battery charger by client request. A charge indicator also can be installed in DC units.

Which pallet server works best with skids and pallets?
The Counter-Balanced Pallet stacker is Easy Rack’s smaller version of the pallet mallet master. It is ideal for moving pallets and skids between multiple workstations. The horizontal load center is balanced at 18”, and its adjustable forks range from 8” to 28” in length. Easy Rack offers three unique power options for this series. Clients can choose from 12V DC power, 115V AC power, or Air/Oil power. The Counter-Balanced Pallet Master is very easy to move around on its 8” X 3” phenolic casters, and it is also very easy to control. A push button pendant attached to the unit on an 8 foot coil cord allows workers to maneuver the unit either at close distance or while standing back several feet. This feature is especially useful when moving pallets down stacked aisles where it may be too cramped for the employee to physically walk and maneuver the pallet truck at the same time.

Do you have any units that allow for heavy load stacking?

Yes. The Counter-Balanced Stacker functions just like its name suggests. In addition to moving small loads from one place to another without the need of an over sized fork truck, it also allows workers to access any load from three different sides of the pallet trucks. In the front, the end is open, and this enables the forks to be next to the workstation for easy transfer of the load to and from the workstation or storage unit. The unit includes a standard 12V DC power lift with an on-board charger, and it includes a counterbalance as well. Push buttons on the power unit allow workers to raise and lower the lift without interrupting task flow. Easy Rack can also provide an optional hand control on coil cord if requested. The Counter-Balanced Stacker also features superior security by means of a key operated ON/OFF control built into the power unit.

What load capacities can these units carry?
Load capacities range from 600 lbs to 4,000 lbs depending on model. Easy Rack can provide additional documentation or new updated material handling articles upon request via email, or can answer specific questions over the phone. Call 713-553-1122 today and speak with a specialist to see which of these models best meets the needs of your facility and work crew.

Why hurt your back when you can call Easy Rack. We have a tremendous selection of industrial and commercial material handling equipment such as:

Material Handling Equipment

New & Used Pallet Racks

Industrial Shelving

Storage Racks

Commercial Warehouse Lighting

Ergonomic Supplies & Equipment

Operators are standing by at 713-553-1122 to assist you. We welcome your call and the opportunity to serve you! See how we stack up against the competition!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Commercial Pallet Stackers & Pallet Trucks are affordable alternatives to expensive fork lifts.

Pallet stacker's are most commonly used for transporting a single pallet from the floor to a workspace. Pallet stackers have all the capacity that you need in order to move weights up to 4000 pounds depending on the exact model to select. Pallet stacking devices are flexible in use to carry a range of different commercial pallets and crates.

Commercial Pallet Stacker's are affordable alternatives to a fork lift truck in moving either pelleted loads or wooden crates around a warehouse or factory. It has a number of advantages over a larger and more expensive forklift, although there are also a number of deign limitations that restrict the range of its applications, and mean that it cannot be used as an exact alternative.

One of the unique factors that make these pallet stacker's such a useful addition to any warehouse is the fact that the forks are so adjustable. Featuring a standard size 4” wide fork that is 26” in length, they are designed to support a standard pallet base, but thanks to the fact that the separation of the forks can be set at anything between 8" and 37 ", it is possible to safely lift a massive range of different sized objects including crates and even drums.

Pallet stacker's have relatively small footprint making them easy to maneuver through rows and rows of warehouse shelving. Stacker's can be easily navigated through a tight space, and feature a set of heavy duty swivel casters and powered wheels. Power comes from on board batteries that can be charged through a standard AC supply, and will give enough charge to perform all the tasks that you ask of them. The key aspect of the electric pallet feature of these models is their low center of gravity and counter balanced weight system.

If you are considering adding a pallet truck or pallet stacker to your fleet of tools and equipment, we trust that you will contact the professionals at Easy Rack. We can be reached at 713-553-1122 or online at

We look forward to your call and the opportunity to assist you!

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