Friday, October 5, 2007

Electric Pallet Stackers & Skid Lift Servers provide all in one versatility for a wide variety of product packaging and shipping department needs.

Are Electric Pallet Stackers & Skid Lift Servers classified as an ergonomic tool?
Yes, because it eliminates the need for human muscle to exert pressure on the standard hydraulic lifts of regular pallet jacks. It also provides for easier maneuverability to avoid twisting the back.

Which Pallet Stacker works best for a variety of containers and pallets?
Pallet stackers provides all in one versatility for a wide variety of product packaging. This is a key benefit to receiving departments that intake supplies from multiple manufacturers and who are receiving truckloads of different products, all of varying weights and dimensions. The Pallet Master can easily handle 4,000 pounds. Workers can operate the unit with a fingertip rocker switch control without having to exert or strain themselves. This pallet server works very well on a variety of floor surfaces also. Two 8” X 2” phenolic swivel casters guide the wheels and ensure mobility over occasional spots of debris or rough concrete in older warehouses. Easy Rack can install an optional remote or on-board battery charger by client request. A charge indicator also can be installed in DC units.

Which pallet server works best with skids and pallets?
The Counter-Balanced Pallet stacker is Easy Rack’s smaller version of the pallet mallet master. It is ideal for moving pallets and skids between multiple workstations. The horizontal load center is balanced at 18”, and its adjustable forks range from 8” to 28” in length. Easy Rack offers three unique power options for this series. Clients can choose from 12V DC power, 115V AC power, or Air/Oil power. The Counter-Balanced Pallet Master is very easy to move around on its 8” X 3” phenolic casters, and it is also very easy to control. A push button pendant attached to the unit on an 8 foot coil cord allows workers to maneuver the unit either at close distance or while standing back several feet. This feature is especially useful when moving pallets down stacked aisles where it may be too cramped for the employee to physically walk and maneuver the pallet truck at the same time.

Do you have any units that allow for heavy load stacking?

Yes. The Counter-Balanced Stacker functions just like its name suggests. In addition to moving small loads from one place to another without the need of an over sized fork truck, it also allows workers to access any load from three different sides of the pallet trucks. In the front, the end is open, and this enables the forks to be next to the workstation for easy transfer of the load to and from the workstation or storage unit. The unit includes a standard 12V DC power lift with an on-board charger, and it includes a counterbalance as well. Push buttons on the power unit allow workers to raise and lower the lift without interrupting task flow. Easy Rack can also provide an optional hand control on coil cord if requested. The Counter-Balanced Stacker also features superior security by means of a key operated ON/OFF control built into the power unit.

What load capacities can these units carry?
Load capacities range from 600 lbs to 4,000 lbs depending on model. Easy Rack can provide additional documentation or new updated material handling articles upon request via email, or can answer specific questions over the phone. Call 713-553-1122 today and speak with a specialist to see which of these models best meets the needs of your facility and work crew.

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