Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deck Shades & Fabric Shade Structures

What is a deck shade?
It is an outdoor, roof-like structure that covers a seating area or standing area that otherwise would be exposed to continuous, direct sunlight. A deck shade protects homeowners, guests, clients, children, pets, or plants from the heat and the ultraviolet radiation of direct sunlight.

What is a deck shade cover made of?
It consists of a shade portion that functions as a roof. This canopy shade is made out of a special fabric that offers powerful tensile and tear strength. Because it is flame retardant, it is also heat resistant. A galvanized steel frame, stabilized by corner bracing and brass plates, supports the deck shade. Panels can be added as options to the side of the structure, and optional plant hangers can be installed on the shade as well.

Who needs deck shades?
Homeowners definitely need them because so many homeowners sit outside on some kind of patio or deck throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. Kids and pets will be much better protected from heat and ultraviolet radiation when sheltered by one of these solar shades.

Businesses can also use deck shades to cover eating areas, break areas, and gathering areas. Rather than constructing expensive outdoor break areas, a simply canopy and a few basic benches can create all the comfort that employees need to enjoy a break or a lunch hour outdoors.

Restaurants and bars can increase their businesses by making it safe and comfortable to sit outside on the patio under a custom sun sail fabric cover.

Deck shades can cover anything from a concession stand at a sporting event to the seating areas where the fans watch the game. Trade shows depend on shade canopies to keep their booth areas comfortable for visiting professionals. Street vendors near beaches or sidewalks can use deck shades to protect themselves and their customers from heat and sunburn. Playground deck shades also provide protection for small children.

What if I only use my deck for plants?
Any deck in your yard that has potted plants certainly needs a deck shade cover. You may have assumed that plants live in sunlight and are impervious to UV light. This is not the case. It all depends on where the plant is from. A good many plants that we grow for decoration grow in the wild in places like forests where the tree canopy above them blocks most of the direct sunlight. Still other species thrive in cold weather climates or parts of the world where it there are more cloudy, rainy weather than they are to sunny days.

It makes sense then that if some of our most attractive flower and garden arrangements are that sensitive to ultraviolet light; they need protection prolonged exposure to the sun using a custom patio canopy. They may not need it to the degree that humans do, but they need it nonetheless.

Any poolside area also needs a deck shade. Without it, the reflectivity of the water will increase the intensity of light and the sunburn it ultimately will cause. However, putting a shade over the both the seating area and the water will minimize both. Tanning areas still be done in areas off to the side where people can get just enough sun in control doses without overdoing it and hurting their skin.
Easy Rack stocks a vast inventory of fabric sun shade structures, commercial shelving, material handling equipment, commercial lighting, used pallet racks, and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide.

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