Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prefabricated Shelters from Easy Rack are Completely Modular & Surprisingly Affordable.

There are as many different types of prefabricated shelters available from Easy Rack as there are uses for these innovative and practical modular structures.

Prefabricated shelters are amongst the most functional buildings and cost effective that you can possibly construct. Generally, modular shelters are produced with no frills at all, and require very little maintenance. Since they are modular, they can easily be disassembled and relocated if desired.

Some of the most common uses for prefabricated buildings are guard houses, parking attendant booths and security guard shacks. By providing a number of prefab guard shelters around your property, you give your security officers a place to operate from as they are make their rounds and keep a watchful eye.

The prefabricated shelters from Easy Rack are designed to be completely modular and can be fabricated or customized for whatever purpose you require. For example, a small prefab shelter could be a ticket booth, security guard stand, a kiosk, an information booth, or anything else with just a few simple additions such as a shelf, window, or a connection to the gate system.

Larger shelters, on the other hand, are equally flexible in their usage and again can be adapted for a wide variety of uses. Popular modular shelters such as smoking shelters and bus shelters can be the same in design and construction, but serve completely different purposes.

The benefit of using prefabricated shelters for all of these purposes is that the structures can be completely assembled on site in a matter of just a few hours. Thanks to a lightweight aluminum frame and high quality panels made of either glass or fiberglass reinforced plastic, you get a structure that is completely resistant to weather.

Easy Rack is a major online reseller of bus stop shelters, modular buildings and all types of material handling supplies and equipment. Whether you live in New York City, Honolulu Hawaii, Springfield Illinois, Austin Texas, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, or even Sacramento California, Easy Rack is pleased to provide a detailed quote or design assistance.

In addition to modular buildings, Easy Rack also carries a wide variety of used pallet racks, commercial lighting, and parking lot lighting packages. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Read what customers are saying about Easy Rack.

Let us help you take shelter from the elements.

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