Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Using Fork Lift Attachments Self Dumping Steel Hoppers Easily Move Raw Materials.

Self dumping steel hoppers and perfect for carrying goods on a standard fork lift truck. You not only get a disposal system that is easily manageable in terms of loading and unloading, but one that is fast, reliable, and capable of carrying large amounts of materials in a single trip around the building.

Steel dumpers are stationary for collecting items and completely portable when transporting from one area to another. The handy fork lift attachment makes them an attractive trash collection and disposal solution to most commercial warehouse or industrial facilities.

You can choose light duty hoppers that are designed to carry waste such as crushed boxes and long planks of wood, or deeper fully contained hoppers with poly lids which are suitable for dust and even liquids. Most self dumping hoppers feature a fully laser welded construction that prevents any leakage in use.

One of the main advantages of a self dumping steel hopper is that it does not require complex and expensive pneumatic systems in order to raise the fully loaded hopper in order to dump the contents. Instead, the natural position of the hopper is in the dumping position, and gravity will naturally pull the unit forwards when the operator unlocks it. This means that the hopper can be attached to the fork lifts quickly and effectively, with no additional power requirements or other issues needing to be addressed.

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