Forklift Fork Extensions – Get More Fork Under Bulky Loads

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Fork Extensions are designed for the occasional need to handle large bulky loads. An additional set of longer forks is often the better choice. If fork extensions are to be used, good safety procedures must be followed.

The safety recommendations shown below are not intended to replace or supersede the forklift operator’s manual or the need to review and observe local, state and federal safety regulations.

1) The overall length of the fork extension cannot exceed 1 ½ times the length of the fork – for example, the longest extension that can be used on 48” forks is 72”.
2) The extension should be built to fit the particular width of the fork that is being used. The inside width of the extension must not exceed the width of the fork by more than ½”.
3) Never pick up a load with the tip of the extension. The center of the load must always be over the fork and should not exceed 50% of the length of the fork extension. For example, the load center with 48” forks (72” extensions) should not exceed 36”.
4) Be very careful not to overload the forklift. The capacity of the forklift diminishes very rapidly as the load center is moved out from the back of the fork. The forklift manufacturer should be able to provide a load chart showing maximum lift capacities at various load centers.
5) Fork extensions are designed for light bulky loads. If you have heavy loads or will be exceeding maximum allowed load center (36” for 72” fork extensions), you should consider longer forks in lieu of extensions.


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Model Overall Length Fits Weight per set
1664 72″ 4″ x 48″ forks 120 lbs.
1665 72″ 5″ X 48″ forks 140 lbs.
1666 72″ 6″ x 48″ forks 160 lbs.

Note: Can be shipped UPS

Things You Should Know About Fork Extensions
◆  Overall length of fork extension must not exceed 150% of fork length.
◆  Inside width of fork extension must not be more than ½” wider than fork.
◆  Forklift capacity is substantially reduced when center of load is moved out beyond standard 2 ft. load center.
◆  Do not pick up load with tip of fork extensions.
◆  Load must be centered on fork extensions or closer to the backstop.

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