Steel Warehouse Shelving System

Do we really need a Steel Shelving System?
More than likely, the answer is yes.  Steel offers a sturdy platform on which you can reliably store heavy materials within the parameters of the weight capacity of the unit.  Provided the construction methods used to assemble the unit are sound, you will also have a very stable storage area that can remain steady while you are organizing and/or retrieving materials from the shelf.

Cheap systems can be very dangerous at this time.  Many can easily hold the weight of the items you place on them, but when you begin to pull items off the shelf, they begin to wobble.  We personally believe more injuries result from cheap shelves tipping over than result from materials falling from the shelves.  Some would debate this, but the point is that stability is equal in importance to weight capacity.

Are your shelf units more stable than others?
Yes.  2 rivet construction at the top and bottom of the unit reinforce the stability of the unit in the front and the back.  Individual shelves are held firmly in place without the need for a reinforcing X-brace.  Workers can access our steel shelving systems from all four sides without having to reach over a brace, fumble around for materials, and risk destabilizing the unit.  More materials can also be stored on both the wide span and standard shelves than competing models with X-braces that block access to entire sections of the interior. 

What if we have gotten this far without shelves?
Workers risk injuries to their backs when they have to retrieve products from the floor.  This occurs mostly in facilities where light materials and/or small boxes are stored on the floor.  People do not realize that back injuries can occur with even light weight materials.  Furthermore, products are more easily misplaced or damaged when they are stored on floors.   Many organizations leave products on pallets in the back of their warehouse.  While this is a safer way to store stock, problems arise when workers have to itemize or retrieve stock from pallets in the back.

We have a lot of traffic in our warehouse.  Where would we put shelves?
Steel shelving systems can be arranged in rows or they can be placed along walls.  Because they allow access from both sides, many companies join several shelf units at the end to create rows of shelves.  These rows can be wide enough to allow forklifts to drive between them.  

By Lynda Mock

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