Truck Trailer Roof Snow Removal Sweeper System

Truck Roof Snow Removal On Sale Now!


Easy Rack Is Making Our Roads Safer, One Truck Rooftop At A Time!

Have you ever been driving down a highway and been blinded by snow coming off the roof of a truck? We have developed tractor trailer roof sweeper to take snow and rubbish off the top of a truck trailer roof before starting a delivery; and it does it without harming the trailer. Our roof sweeper was designed by a police officer who saw firsthand the results of a fatal traffic accident caused by snow flying off the roof of a truck.

Our roof sweeper has 32” bristles that provide a gentle touch on the trailer roof top while totally eliminating the snow. Its exclusive state-of-the-art technology allows for the removal of snow, ice or other debris with a brush arrangement that also self adjusts automatically with different roof heights, but never damages the roof. The sweeper unit can be permanently installed, but a portable unit is also on hand to allow for seasonal, out-of-the-way storage.

Rugged Construction For Long-Lasting Use

Our snow sweeper is welded and bolted steel design for the maximum mixture of strength and versatility. Heavy steel beams are manufactured to hold up against the highest winds and deep snow. We then galvanize the sweeper to assure long and durable life. Lastly, our made to order electrical panel offers the power you need and ease-of-use to reduce the need for training and maintenance.

Truck Trailer Sweeper Technology Eliminates Scraping on Vehicle Roofs

Our sweeper utilizes a thirty-two inch poly wafer brush that is mounted on an axle to two uprights and angled for better snow elimination. Sweeper brush wafers can be replaced as needed so that your unit stays as effective as the day you received it.

The brush is raised automatically and electrically to a height just inches above the rooftop so that as the vehicle passes under the spinning brush, the sweepers patented flicking action removes snow rapidly and effortlessly. The vehicle brush blows the snow away from the truck lane at an angle so that easy access to the lane is maintained. There is no need to use a hard blade to scrape across the roof of the vehicle (which can cause damage) to remove the snow and the driving lane stays clear of snow removed from the truck top.

Adapts to Many Types of Vehicles

We have researched the other truck sweepers on the market and designed and built a better product that can be used on a variety of vehicles including, buses, box vans, trailers and frac tanks. The soft brush softly conforms to most contours without hurting the roof itself.

Adaptable, Multi-Use Sweeper For Year-Round Use

Our truck sweeper can be used year round to clean snow, ice and debris from the decks of wood-based flat beds. The following items can be removed from flat beds without risking the safety of an employee by sending them up to sweep:

  • Grass
  • Plastic
  • Salt
  • Quarry Dust

New and Existing Blowing Snow Regulations

Due to the dangers of blowing snow, many of the eastern states are now imposing fines and requiring commercial vehicles to clear rooftops before going on the road. At this time, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and Connecticut have laws in place that mandate the removal of snow from all vehicle rooftops. Fines range from $250 to $1,500.

However, using unsafe methods to eliminate the snow is not the best solution. Existing OSHA regulations prohibit the removal of snow by workers sweeping off the snow without fall protection.

Our sweeper enables truck/trailer owner’s a way to obey with the laws in these states, add to safer travel, and protect workers, while meeting customers’ on-time delivery standards. Diminish your company’s liability and preserve its reputation by keeping safety a top priority!



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