Saturday, January 26, 2008

Desk Movers, Material Handling Carts, Hand Trucks, Loading Dock Equipment - Buy Online Today From Easy Rack

Are you in the process of moving offices or perhaps relocating to a new office? Using a desk mover from Easy Rack can save your back and make the process of transporting desks and other furniture a breeze.

Change is constant in a dynamic business environment, and being in a position to make those logistical changes within your organization without impacting on the flow of work is important.

One of the main areas where most large companies find that they need to improve their reaction to change is in the area of internal reorganization. Moving large desks is one activity that causes headaches in any size office reorganization. The process of loading and unloading drawers, and moving the various bits and pieces of equipment used by hundreds of people can be a huge problem and take weeks of careful planning, not to mention a huge number of boxes. This kind of mass desk move will also have a major impact on productivity over a period of days. This is unnecessary, and by using a special desk mover, you will be able to improve the flow of the whole process and reduce the time that carting desks take by a huge amount, as well as reducing the impact on the workplace in general.

A desk mover is a special form of a dolly that is designed exclusively for safely lifting and moving desks. Easy Rack desk trucks feature a larger base than standard hand trucks, and support the desk in a level position so that items do not fall off or slide around as the desk is moved. The desk movers available from Easy Rack are roughly 32 inches wide and 16 inches deep, and can carry a desk weighing of up to 600 pounds.

We specialize in all types of Material Handling Equipment , New & Used Pallet Racks, Industrial Shelving, Tire Storage Racks, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Ladders, Storage Racks, Gantry & Jib Cranes.

Contact us at 888-776-3720 and let us help you make the best material handling investment within your budget. We are located in Houston Texas and look forward to your call partner!

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