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Teardrop Pallet Racks Are The Industry Standard.

The teardrop design is the industrial standard for most commercial racking applications.  Teardrop pallet racks are manufactured using a bolt-less design that makes installation and adjustment easier. This also makes the platform much more stable and prevents it from buckling in the middle.  Teardrop pallet racking is braced with heavy channel steel and supported by tensile steel columns that keep the entire structure immobile and thus much more stable when storing a large amount of weight.

As such, almost all industrial pallet racks are designed to anticipate and withstand occasional forklift collisions that can result through either human or mechanical error.Oallet racks of this capacity can handle up to 48,000 pounds of weight.  Easy Rack systems are custom built with industrial strength, structural steel in order to withstand accidental forklift collisions. 

Pallet rack decking is usually made from wire.
Wire decking typically comes in wither waterfall, reverse waterfall, or lay-in design. Steel decks are used for the most heavy-duty Commercial storage provided they comply with fire codes.  

In medium and light duty storage, wire decks are generally preferred because of fire control issues.  If the sprinkler system in a warehouse or factory is triggered, water can flow between the mesh of the wire without being stopped by a solid platform.  The opposite is true with wood and other forms of solid decking.  In fact, many fire codes now require wire decking for this reason.

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