What Is A Dock Plate And Why Use One?

Aluminum Dock Plate From BluffIt is a metal ramp that bridges a gap between a loading dock or warehouse floor and a truck or van. They are most commonly available as either steel or aluminum dock plates. It bridges the open space that occurs when different heights of trucks back up to a loading dock. The dock plate provides a strong, flat surface where workers can walk or push a handcart across.

 Where are aluminum dock plates used?

They are used in warehouses and loading dock areas where non-powered loading equipment is used for loading and unloading trucks. 

What are they used for?

They are used to close up an open space between a truck and a loading dock floor. Trucks that deliver warehouse goods are of varying heights which makes it challenging and dangerous for workers to load and unload between dock and truck as these height and distance differences leave a gap between the loading floor and the truck bed. Dock plates bridge this gap by providing a ramp to walk across. This ramp needs to be able to safely bear the weight loads of these deliveries. 

What benefits do aluminum dock plates hold over steel?

They provide an affordable lighter weight alternative to steel that holds up to weather as well as heavy workloads. Lighter weight makes the aluminum easier to handle and allows them to be more portable than steel. Aluminum is more affordable than a steel dockplate, allowing them to fit easier into a warehouse budget. Aluminum requires far less maintenance than steel and will stand up to weather conditions well. Even though aluminum is lightweight, it provides durable weight-bearing strength to ensure safety while loading and unloading with non-powered loading and unloading tools.

What should you know before you decide to buy one that is right for your loading dock?

Each company should carefully assess their loading dock needs before purchasing a dock plate. Our representatives can help you select an aluminum dock plate that is right for your warehouse needs.

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