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They can be covered with an anodized coat finish that is either clear or bronze.  More decorative options can be ordered in powder coat finish, which offers you a choice of over 180 colors.  This allows you to customize the appearance of the structure so that it blends with the surrounding buildings.  Rather than having the obtrusive presentation that bike racks often create on sidewalk areas, you can install a truly decorative structure that serves a very important security function.

Bike shelters can also be constructed with over a dozen panel infill options.
  Grillwork options can allow a limited degree of light into the interior of the building.  While this creates enough visibility for cyclists to see while they enter the structure, it drastically reduces the amount of ultraviolet light that enters the interior.  UV light can be destructive to the paint jobs on many of the nicer bicycles, so blocking as much light as possible without limiting the ability to see is a preferable path to follow in very hot, sunny climates like the American Southwest and the American Gulf Coast.

Prefab Bicycle Shelter Design, Installation & Sale Made 100% In The USA

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In urban areas where there can be high levels of criminal mischief in places, various types of scratch resistant transparencies can be used to build the side walls of bike shelters.  Mar resistant polycarbonate is an excellent deterrent to individuals who like to scratch graffiti into surfaces.  In neighborhoods where vandalism can take a more violent turn, safety glass can be used to build shatter proof, transparent sidewalls.  Other panel infill options include aluminum perforated and diamond patterns that work like grillwork to let some, but not all, of the light in.  Side walls can also be rendered translucent to filter out the majority of the light and the heat.

The variety of roof options provides our customers with the key to making bike shelters not only functional additions to their facility, but architectural compliments to surrounding buildings.  Roofs can be made from both aluminum and steel in various thicknesses.  We also build structures with polycarbonate roofs, acrylic roofs, and a special composite material known as “Alucobond.”  This material features a wide range of fluoropolymer coatings that add very vivid and bright colors to the structure.  In very humid climates, the best roofs are those that are water resistant and drain quickly.  In summer climates, higher solar reflectivity can help reduce heat within the structure’s interior.  Call for details on which roof materials best meet a blend of all of your needs.

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