What Is The Best Drum Lifting Truck? Model #-ERPSDT

Easy Rack’s drum lifting truck is ideal for loading and unloading 55 gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums when no fork truck is available. This device allows a single operator to engage elevated drums as well as to transport and position drums. A spring-loaded clamp securely grasps the rim of a drum. To elevate the rim clamp up to 5 feet, the truck incorporates a foot-operated hydraulic pump. Unit rolls smoothly on 2 rigid 2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ front wheels and 3-1/8″ x 1-1/4″ poly rear wheels. Drum LIfting Truck is easy to assemble/disassemble for storage.
Standard Drum Lifting Truck Features:
  • For use with 55 gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums
  • Spring-loaded drum jaws securely grab the rim of the drum
  • Jaw height service range is 34″ to 45-1/4″
  • Pump handle to adjust jaw height
  • Leg inside width is 42″ retracted and 47-1/4″ extended to straddle pallets
  • Maximum drum weight capacity is 550 pounds
  • Overall size is 46-3/4″W x 32″D x 44″H
  • Portable on (2) rigid and (2) swivel casters
  • Steel construction with painted finish

Our single operator can engage, lift and transport drums stored either on the center of pallets or the corner of containment skids. Works with 55 gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums. To engage a drum, the truck uses a rim clamp that securely grasps the top lip of the drum. Two rigid and two swivel polyurethane wheels provide a high degree of maneuverability; each swivel wheel is protected by guards and is equipped with brakes.

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