Fork Truck Fork Leveler

Forklift Fork Leveler For Sale

Fork-lift Fork Leveler For Sale

Fork Truck Fork Leveler Cost Savings:
• Less damage to racking systems
• Less wear to forks, controls, and hydraulics
• Fewer damaged pallets and packaging materials
• Reduced re-palletizing
• Fewer instances of declined shipments due to damaged packaging

Forklift Fork Levelers Saves You Time & Money
• Greatly reduces pallet handling times
• Improves the performance of all drivers
• Decreases driver training times and improves productivity Level mast
• Eliminates the need to micro adjust the tilt controls when approaching a load
• Instructors can spend valuable time concentrating on other aspects of driver training

Fork Leveler Features:
• Universal hook and loop mount
• Attaches in under 5 minutes
• Most economical price in the market
• Works on most lift trucks


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