Mail Utility Cart

Mail Utility Cart Are Used By The US Postal ServiceHow is a double tray double basket mail cart designed?
It has two trays that support two removable baskets.  The baskets can be used to sort, organized, and deliver letter mail.  Baskets are designed to accommodate both letter and legal sized documents. When the baskets are removed, packages or boxes containing parts or supplies can be moved on the trays.  This makes the unit much more than a simple mail delivery tool.

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Is it easy to maneuver?
Yes.  It moves on swivel casters and features rear brakes.  It is easy to steer.  It also features an all steel construction to protect it against accidental collisions that can and do occur in crowded warehouse environments, small offices, public schools, and busy factories. 

Does the unit ship preassembled?
No.  It is easy to assemble, so preassembly is not necessary.    

How much more efficient will the double tray double basket mail cart make my business?  Do I really need one?
If the US Postal Services uses these carts, that should say something about the effectiveness of these simple, but remarkable tools.  Inside your mail room, your clerks will have a much easier task organizing mail prior to delivery.  The removable carts make it easier to separate packages and letters. Once delivery begins, everything is already organized, and fewer errors occur.  

We don’t get that much mail.  Do we still need one?
You may have other paperwork that needs to be shuffled around.  If you work in an auto repair shop or small factory plant, you may also use these mail carts to move inventory around or keep track of inventory documentation.  Staying on top of you documentation is the key to getting inventory over with without mistakes or additional cost to your organization.  If you are in construction, these little carts can even be used to move around tools.    

Can these mail carts be used on warehouse floors?
That depends on what you are shipping and receiving.  If you have small trucks coming in with small boxes, yes, you can use them to load and offload smaller items. 

How many mail carts should a company buy?”
Normally a small office needs only one.  Most of the mail coming in is going to be letter mail, and that is only going to go to executives.  Larger organizations will need several carts to separate package mail, supplies, and letters and send them to different floors.

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