Storage Buildings

What is a storage building?
It is another word for modular building.  One of Easy Rack’s modular building Measures 45”W X 74”H within its interior space.  The modular building can also be used to move the building at any time without disassembling it. Inside the building, there is a 5 ¾” high wooden floor.  It keeps products dry by keeping them off the ground.  Every building also has built-in rain gutters for water drainage. 

What are these buildings used for?
They are used in a number of industries to store things they don’t have room for inside.  Homeowners use small storage buildings as tool rooms and work rooms.

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What are the benefits of modular buildings?
They are cost effective in comparison to other types of buildings.  A modular building is certainly less expensive than a building with a traditional foundation and structure. They help a building save space.  Modular buildings can be built to any desired size, so they can actually be customized to a business. The portability of a modular building allows a company to pick it up and move it without disrupting the business cycle. 

Where are they used?
Modular buildings are used at schools.  This happens anytime a school runs out of interior space for storing its supplies.  Things like desks, paper, and teachers manuals require more than closet space.  So do cleaning supplies.  All of these can be easily stored and organized in a modular building.

Churches also use storage buildings a lot.  Churches these days have many more activities than traditional services.  Different types of study groups and recreational events are common.  The larger churches even host outdoor festivals, concerts, and put on plays at certain times of the year.  Just like schools need a place to organize equipment and supplies for these events, so too do churches.

Daycare centers are a third place where you see a lot of these buildings.  Daycare centers need to provide children with plenty of activities to keep them busy during the day.  Some daycare facilities have limited indoor space and cannot leave playground materials outside overnight.  A storage building is the only viable option they have for securing these items when the center closes for the evening. 

The healthcare and medical community is also using modular buildings more and more.  These are excellent places to store cleaning supplies and certain medical equipment. 

Office complexes use storage buildings to store landscaping equipment, fertilizer, and maintenance supplies.  The dry environment is ideal for storing these items out of the elements without having to store them in office buildings themselves.  


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