Commercial Rolling Ladders

Every day work is done where equipment needs to be able to take a beating and keep working. For the toughest jobs, Easy Rack introduces the Super Heavy Duty Workmaster ladder. Built with extra heavy duty components, this ladder is resistant to all the dings and bumps in harsh work environments.

The Workmaster rolling metal ladder can be customized with an array of features and options to adapt the ladder to specific work areas. Essentially our extra heavy duty steel rolling ladder can become a mobile assembly or repair shop for anything out of reach.

Two tone powder coat finish creates high visibility and can be ordered in a variety of different colors. For the toughest work areas, step of to the Workmaster super duty rolling steel ladders.

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Superior Construction:

•   1000 pound capacity allows for tool cabinet and/or tool pegboard.
•   1 1/2” diameter x 14 gage tube construction.
•   7” x 10 gage Stair Stringer.
•   Contoured back and base panel assembly to allow unobstructed access to equipment and reduce possibility of impact damage.
•   1 ½” x 14 gage steel tube base and back panel, bolt on for ease of replacement.

Avilable Options:

  • Accessory platform can accommodate numerous options including: tool cabinet, peg board panel, bin/shelving unit, 24”x24 utility tray with 150 lb. capacity.
  • Platform safety gate can be factory installed or field installed. Avilable for all 4 sides of platform.

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