Bus Stop Shelters For Sale – ERTOLR-101

bus-stop-shelter-ertolr-101Easy Rack’s bus stop shelters are stylish, yet well-built and strong. That’s the mixture of design and durability personified in Easy Racks new Euro bus stop shelters.

Consider Just Some Of Our Bus Shelter Benefits:

• Distinctive new profile and rooflines for a modern look.

• Choose from models with or without ad displays.

• Opt for special cold-climate shelter design options.

• Choose from custom Herringbone or standard perforated metal walls.

• Unique custom glass treatments available.

The Bus Stop Shelter line from Easy Rack is both good-looking and well-built, a handy, eye-catching addition to the streetscape of your community. Progressive looks combined with unmatched craftsmanship. Our Euro bus shelter models now incorporate an optional integrated channel for water drainage.


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