Bus Shelters For Sale, Designed & Installed Nationwide – #ERDR-Bus-102

Bus Shelter For Sale
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Bus Shelters Designed & Installed In All 50 States
Easy Rack produces bus, transit, smoking and specialty shelters and enclosures. We examine, calculate and put together technologies and innovations to ensure the very best for our customers and the environment. We also offer a comprehensive line of standard bike shelters. We’ve been breaking the limitations of the traditional 5 x 10 brown box bus shelter by going well beyond the standard.

Our bus shelters are specified by architects, transit officials and warehouse managers for major municipalities, military bases, government offices, hospitals, office buildings and factories and are installed in all 50 states. We help our clients reach their goals for aesthetics, performance & economy by providing innovative designs and sizes that meet and even exceed the requirements of any project.

10 Benefits Of Easy Rack Transit & Bus Shelters

2)Translucent powder coat technology
3)Kynar finish
4)Anodized finish
5)Wood-grain powder coating
6)Anti-graffiti coatings
7)Vandal-resistant strategies
8)Electrical lighting
9)Heating & A/C packages

Our bus stop shelters come in either fully enclosed or open versions.  While a bus shelter with a single side fully open to allow user’s trouble-free access is friendlier, it does not offer total protection from the weather, and if this is a worry in your locale, then select a model that has a small doorway style entrance as this gives better protection from harsh weather conditions.



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