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When It Come To Bus Shelters Image Is Everything
The bus shelters you put up on your property mirror who you are and the height of devotion you have to the people who use them and the environment. That’s why Easy Rack has 8 in-house bus shelter design engineers who team with our architects and outside professionals to work with you to develop branding and to carry out your plan. Whether it’s part of a streetscape, landscape or individual office building development, we can help you represent the image you desire to your clients and visitors at a affordable price point.

Lighten Up You Bus Shelter
Why not use our ergonomic resources to enhance your transit shelter? Easy Rack can design and put together a total package of solar-powered lighting with LEDs for effective illumination and power savings – even lit advertising boxes. Some of the things we can help you with.

  1. How much light do you want?
  2. What kind of light distribution do you need?
  3. How much sunlight does your geographical location offer?

Our bus shelter experts take all of these factors into consideration to develop strategies custom designed for your location & requirements.

Keep Your Bus Shelter Options Open

  1. Do you need open, partially enclosed or a fully enclosed shelter?
  2. Will you need custom glazing options?
  3. What assortment of colors are available?
  4. Do you need special features like LEDs/PVs, Lumira® aerogel or ad message signage?

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