Heavy Duty Front End Loader Forklift Attachment For Moving Snow, Dirt, Rocks And Trash Made In USA

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Operation Instruction For Front End Loader Attachment For Forklifts

Discount Forklift Snow Removal Forklift Attachment For Sale Factory Direct Guarantees Lowest Price Made In USA

Forklift Snow Removal Forklift Attachment Sales

Step 1: Drive the lift truck forward and insert the forks into the fork tubes. Drive as far forward as possible. The tips of the forks will press against the ends of the fork tubes.

Step 2: Attach the safety chain to the fork carriage. Wrap the chain around part of the fork carriage. Connect the quick link (at the free end of the chain) to a link in the chain with as little slack as possible.

Step 3: Unlock the latch lever by pulling the finger tab until the lock disengages the latch bar. Inspections & Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary for the loader to remain in normal condition. After receiving the unit and before using it for the first time, create a written record that describes the appearance of each major component, including the base frame, release mechanism, fork tubes, safety chain, pivot points and
pivot point hardware. Mount the loader onto the forks of your forklift and apply the safety chain (see “Step 2” above). Elevate the loader and release the chute. Record your observations about how the unit looks and sounds as the chute rotates. Lower the unit and secure the chute to the base. Record your observations. This written record establishes “normal condition”. When conducting future inspections compare those observations with the written record to determine whether a component is in normal condition or requires repair or replacement. If issues are discovered during an inspection, DO NOT use the loader until it is restored to normal condition. Inspections: Inspect the following components at least once per month. Replace any part that is significantly worn or no longer functions normally:
     1.) Pivot points: check for excessive wear, bends, or other significant damage to hinge              pins, cotter pins, and pin receivers.

     2.) Chute and base frame: examine the structures for damage, deformation, corroded or            excessively rusted regions. Remove rust with a steel bristle brush and apply touch-              up paint to exposed metal.

Step 4: The loader is equipped with a release cable and handle. This feature allows the forklift operator to release the chute without having to dismount the forklift. Store the handle
within reach from the cab. For example, hook the handle to the roll cage of the cab. Make sure plenty of slack is in the cable to avoid accidentally releasing/dumping the chute.
Step 5: Fill the loader with material, e.g. snow, sand, gravel, by driving it into the material. Tilt the forklift mast toward the cab and raise the forks. Only raise the forks as high as
necessary for adequate ground clearance.

Step 6: To dump material into a receptacle, raise the forks above the side of the receptacle (e.g. dumpster) and drive forward until the side of the dumpster is directly beneath the
middle of the chute. Lower the loader until the chute rests on the side of the dumpster. To dump contents onto a material pile, set the chute on top of the pile. 

Step7: Dump the chute by pulling the release cable. NEVER wrap the release cable around your fingers, hand, etc. Slowly raise the forks to allow the chute to tilt forward. Stop pulling the cable as the carrier begins to tilt forward. Slowly drive forward while raising the forks to allow the chute to dump completely.

Step 8: Return the chute to the latched position. Back away from the receptacle/material pile. Lower the forks until the lip of the chute contacts the ground. Slowly drive in reverse
while continuing to lower the forks. You should hear the chute latch to the base.

Step 9: Level the mast. Confirm that the chute is latched to the base by raising the forks. The chute should not rotate/dump. If necessary, lower the forks completely and manually latch the chute to the base by pressing down on the rear wall of the chute until the latch lever engages the latch bar. Secure the latch by pressing the latch lock over the latch

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Easy To Use Forklift Snow Plow Blade Attachment – Made In USA

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Forklift Fork mounted snow plow blades allow businesses to handle their own snow removal. Companies that own snow plow forklift attachment frees them from reliance on daytime snow removal services and reduces downtime triggered  by heavy snowfall. Also, work space become safer once the danger of snow banks are removed from traffic areas and any possible damage that can result from standing snow can be prevented before it happens. By investing in these innovative, ergonomic tools, businesses can use their existing forklift fleet to keep their companies running regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Easy Rack’s Unique forklift snow plow attachment design attaches to forklift forks. Pass through fork tubes keep weight back towards forklift mast. Locking pins secure snow plow to forks for safety. Manual pivot mechanism for angled plowing on both sides. Floating pads allow for adjustment of plowing height. Adjustable springs allow blade to pivot back for added safety. Steel construction with baked in powder coat finish for added toughness. ERSPB-P-72 has box depth of 11-9/16″.

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Heavy Duty Steel Dumping Hopper With Wheels – Made In America

Effortlessly move and empty bulky material when dumped. Balanced design makes dumping of scrap, garbage, chips, trash and waste more cost effective. Manufactured of welded 14-gauge (12 gauge on model (ERSPTT-15) steel for strength, durability and lighter weight.

Hopper rolls smoothly on (2) rigid and (2) swivel with brakes 5″ x 2″ poly-on-steel casters. Includes a blue baked-in powder coat finish for toughness. Options, including leak proof chute welds, model ERLEKP, 3/4″ drainage plug, model ERH-DPLG-75, and 2″ drain plug model ERH-DPLG-2, leak proof chute welds included with drainage plugs.


Transportable Steel Trash Hopper With Wheels – Made In USA

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Transportable Trash Hopper Benefits:
Heavy-Duty Reinforced Steel Construction
Ideal for Clean Up & Other Material Handling Jobs
For Inside & Outside Use

Heavy duty chip, trash and waste hoppers are ideal for gathering and moving bulk materials or trash. Tapered ends allow easy loading and dumping. Hopper is balanced to maneuver and dump easily. All welded 14 gauge steel construction.

Optional, leak proof chute welds, model ERLEKP, 3/4″ drainage plug, model ERH-DPLG-75, and 2″ drainage plug ERH-DPLG-2, leak proof chute welds included with drainage plugs. Baked in blue powder coat finish for added toughness.

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Portable Steel Manual Dumping Hopper Forklift Attachment – USA Made

Steel Dumping Hopper Forklift Attachment – FREE QUOTE 888-776-3720

Portable Steel Hoppers Forklift Attachment series ERP-HOP make handling waste and bulk material safer and more convenient. Fork truck entry openings are designed to move hopper over rough terrain. Usable fork pockets are 7″ x 2″ on 21-5/8″ centers (11-5/8″ fork pocket center for 1/2 cubic yard capacity model only).

Foot operated caster lock is included. A cable operated from the seat of the fork truck manually dumps the Hooper. Units must be attached to fork truck when dumping. Handle for transporting. Welded construction makes them durable. Blue baked-in powder-coated toughness with galvanized base. Optional model ERPLID-H heavy duty poly lids, model ER-LEKP welded leak proof seams, model ERH-DPLG-75 3/4″.

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Self Dumping Hopper Is Open Ended For Easy Loading Flat Items – Made In USA

Reduce bending and lifting motions while loading items into a hopper. This self dumping hopper will allow for easy and orderly loading at ground level with its open front design. Flat items can be loaded so more can be put into the hopper. Rolling smoothly on 4″ x 2″ glass filled nylon casters, the hopper can easily be moved from one location to another. Once the hopper is full or the user has finished loading, the hopper can be easily dumped with the use of a forklift truck.

Commercial Self Dumping Hopper Forklift Attachment – Made In USA

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Steel self dumping hoppers feature a full 90 degrees dump angle with a cushioned rubber bumper stop. The low profile hopper forklift attachment design is essential for convenient loading. Dumping with a fork truck is quick and simple. A cable is pulled from the seat of the fork truck to dump the hopper. The hopper returns to an upright and locked position when lowered to the ground.

A safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck. 22″ L usable fork pockets measure 7″W x 2″H. Formed base thickness is 1/4″. Blue baked-in powder-coated toughness with a galvanized base. H-25 and H-50 models can be stacked, as well as, the H-100 and H-150 models. Never stack hoppers more than 3 high. Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.

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Cheap Prefabricated Metal Storage/Smoking Shelters For Sale

Smoking/Storage Sheds – FREE QUOTE 888-776-3720

Prefabricated Sheds offer a major cost saving advantage over the construction of new buildings.  They also feature specialized designs engineered for broad spectrum of industrial, economic, and operational applications.  These buildings can be loosely organized into 3 major category types.  Each category type, in turn, features a wide range of building models that are designed for specialized environments and uses. 

 All prefabricated sheds are built with stability, comfort, and maximum utility in mind.  Custom features can be added to any model that will provide in-house personnel with both equipment and amenities that are equivalent to those found in any standard building.

Storage Shed

The basic framework of the range of storage shed & shelters offered by Easy Rack is identical.  Measuring 9’ by 6’, and 88 inches in height, it is a spacious construction that offers you plenty of room to keep a variety of different products safe and secure.  The frame is made of hard wearing steel that is treated with a powder coating to protect it from the elements, and then the construction is finished with panels made of 28ga steel on the walls and 18ga steel on the roof.

Bicycle Storage Shelter

The basic storage shed can be converted for a wide variety of different purposes depending on your needs.  By adding a set of doors to one side, it can be a traditional storage shed that offers secure lockable space for containing outdoor equipment, while with the removal of the main wall and inclusion of a rack it makes the perfect bicycle storage shelter.

Smokers Shed & Shelters

If you have a lot of staff who smoke and want to provide them with a special shelter where they can smoke away from the main building, our storage buildings can be converted for the purpose with the incorporation of a simple bench along one wall.  This creates a weatherproof and comfortable location in which staff are protected from the elements, and are also well away from non smoking staff.

Prefabricated Sheds.

Whatever the needs of your business, if you require additional storage buildings for any purpose, Easy Rack offer a solution that is reliable, cost effective, and which will prove to be an investment in your business.  Thanks to the versatility of the product on offer, you will be able to benefit from getting a high quality product that is ideally suited to almost any role, and which will last for a long time under almost any conditions.

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LED Tennis Court Lighting Reduces Cost By Up To 50% For Houston Home Owner

Tennis Court Lighting Fixtures – FREE QUOTE 888-776-3720

Historically, lighting for outdoor tennis courts needed metal halide lighting systems because of the high light volume needed for play at night. A homeowner building a tennis court at their residence in Houston, Tx was shopping for a more innovative alternative and chose our LED lighting system from Easyrack.org. Versus traditional 1000w metal halide fixtures, our solid-state LED light fixtures reduced the total connected electrical load more than 50%. 

The eight pole LED lighting systems produce realistic illumination with consistent lighting levels across the tennis court playing surface. The forward throw reflector system of the LED fixtures supplies sharp cutoff behind the fixtures, removing spill light to the area near the tennis court. 

Our LED tennis court lighting system kit will produce years of maintenance-free use with little lumen reduction over the life of the lighting system. An included bonus is that our LED area lighting fixtures operate at full brightness instantly when they are turned on, as opposed to the slow warm-up time required for metal halide fixtures. In the end, the homeowner agreed that our LED tennis court lighting system was a winner.



Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures Makes For A Safe Workplace!

LED Parking lot lighting fixture kits are some of the most convenient and effective commercial lighting supplies we offer.  Ideal for saving time and money, parking lot kits allow lighting designers and industrial clients to light their parking facilities with poles, posts, fixtures, lamps, and accessories that are already pre-configured to work together and tested to ensure full government compliance with foot-candle minimums and restriction on glare and light pollution.

During daytime, a normal business parking lot is illuminated perfectly by the sun—visibility is clear and safety worries held to a minimum. But, at night parking lots can be a dangerous place altogether, and if a parking lot is not well-lit after the sun goes down, customers will not feel secure and may avoid a business for this reason alone.

It is a widely known fact that Poorly lit parking lots attract crime, including vehicle break-ins, robberies, property crimes, and much worse. The poor visibility of dark parking lots also presents other safety issues, such as an increased likelihood of vehicle accidents. In addition, customers often believe a  businesses to be closed when parking lots are not well-lit and may drive to another lighting store to do business, might cost businesses revenue over and over again.