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Easy Rack offers both new and used pallet rack solutions in all of the most popular configurations. We also carry the more unique design services for warehouse clients who have large storage requirements or major space management challenges. Our vendor relationships consist of a network of top manufacturers known for their impeccable quality in storage application solutions. Easy Rack will assist in the design of your pallet rack storage system. Customization to specific applications and work-flow processes are two of the distinguishing features of our organization.

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Every pallet rack system offers certain attributes that represent specific benefits that different storage, shipping, distribution, and manufacturing facilities require. The best way to choose a rack style is to begin by itemizing the details of your particular application. Identify goods you need to store on the pallet rack, specify weight estimates, and itemize access times when you will be moving products on and off the rack. Then, call an Easy Rack expert so we can help you select a model with specific features to accommodate your particular requirements.

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Teardrop Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Racking Installation, Sales And Space Design Houston, Texas

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 Adjustable New & Used Pallet Racking. Industrial & Commercial Pallet Rack Systems, CAD Space Planning Drawings & Installation.

Adjustable pallet racks by Easy Rack are available in used and new condition and are available throughout the United States.  Our adjustable pallet racks are typically built in the boltless teardrop design.  This highly efficient design allows for rapid assembly, minimal installation cost, and supports up to 35,000 pounds in weight.  

Many warehousing operations in Houston, San Antonio, Dnver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, and Dallas, TX have found these adjustable pallet rack to be a very valuable component in weathering the current downturn in retail sales.  They have found these storage rack systems offer them a vast improvement in managing backlogged inventory.  By making better, more efficient use of vertical warehouse space, floor space is freed up for safer and more efficient foot traffic and vehicle traffic.  It is easier to control inventory and keep accurate records when materials are organized on a pallet rack.

Custom Designed Pallet Rack Sales, Installation & Removal Serving Houston, Texas

Teardrop Pallet Racks Are The Industry Standard.

The teardrop design is the industrial standard for most commercial racking applications.  Teardrop pallet racks are manufactured using a bolt-less design that makes installation and adjustment easier. This also makes the platform much more stable and prevents it from buckling in the middle.  Teardrop pallet racking is braced with heavy channel steel and supported by tensile steel columns that keep the entire structure immobile and thus much more stable when storing a large amount of weight.

As such, almost all industrial pallet racks are designed to anticipate and withstand occasional forklift collisions that can result through either human or mechanical error.Oallet racks of this capacity can handle up to 48,000 pounds of weight.  Easy Rack systems are custom built with industrial strength, structural steel in order to withstand accidental forklift collisions. 

Pallet rack decking is usually made from wire.
Wire decking typically comes in wither waterfall, reverse waterfall, or lay-in design. Steel decks are used for the most heavy-duty Commercial storage provided they comply with fire codes.  

In medium and light duty storage, wire decks are generally preferred because of fire control issues.  If the sprinkler system in a warehouse or factory is triggered, water can flow between the mesh of the wire without being stopped by a solid platform.  The opposite is true with wood and other forms of solid decking.  In fact, many fire codes now require wire decking for this reason.

Easy Rack’s Home Office Is Located In Houston, Texas We Offer Nationwide Sales, Installation, Rack Removal & CAD Pallet Rack Design Services.

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Nation Wide Pallet Rack Sales, Design, Tear-Down And Installation

Affordable Nationwide Pallet Racks For Sale, Installation, CAD Design And Tear-Down Services

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Pallet racks come in a diversity of sizes and proportions. With a variety of attributes and functionalities incorporated into a pallet rack, you can select the racking that exactly matches with your application. Pallet racks are used in commercial situations that require heavy-duty shelving. If racks are selected wisely, it can help in maximizing the storage space of a warehouse. Once you have decided on the main function of the rack (whether you want to opt for better functionality or dense storage), you can choose the rack accordingly.


If a business has a defined  amount of space and wants to maximize its use, installing pallet racks may be your best option. Pallet racks are  designed for holding objects and materials and is used to maximize the use of space and manage small spaces in a better way. Pallet racking systems are widely used in offices and businesses with a warehouse that has a limited amount of  work space that can be used if designed correctly insures a limited amount of space is used efficiently. Easy Rack offers many different types of pallet racks including the most common type is teardrop pallet racks.

What Are Teardrop Pallet Racks?
Teardrop style pallet racks can be used with selective storage, narrow aisle storage, and bulk storage. The most favored in the teardrop design is the selective storage rack. The cause for its high demand is that every pallet is reachable while on the rack. This eliminates the need for unneeded pallets to have to be removed just to access the pallet that is required. This solution saves time and money and is suitable for facilities that handle time-sensitive products.

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Forklift Broom Attachment For Sale Factory Direct Guarantees Lowest Price

Discount Forklift Broom Attachments For Sales Factory Direct Means Lowest Price Guaranteed

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Forklift Brush Sweepers are perfect for inside and outside commercial sweeping. Ideal for cleanup applications including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, stockrooms, distribution centers, and parking lots. Easy Rack’s sweeper body is constructed of light weight  aluminum with polypropylene bristles and a powder coat finish. Attach sweeper to fork truck by sliding forks into pockets and securing with locking screws.

Heavy Duty Forklift Sweeper Attachment For Sale Manufacturer Direct Pricing Saves You Money Today!

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An optional forklift mounted magnet sweeper attachment is great clean up tool  to manufacturing and construction facilities that allows forklift operators to collect material metal waste in fewer passes. For best use, attach the magnet to the front of the existing broom and fasten to the forklift. Once attached, while moving over the selected area the magnet will detect metal items before they get caught in the bristles of the broom. Works with series ERVSWP and ERVPS.

Discount Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment For Sale Manufacturer Direct Prices Guarantees Lowest Prices

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Our optional edge markers work with the top end brush sweeper series ERVPS. The 36″ high markers are a visible indicator of the edge of the room for safety precautions. The attachment height allows the forklift operator to be aware while still keep the proper drive position.

An optional forklift dust mop attachment can be used  to collect dust of warehouse floors.

Discount Forklift Dust Mop Attachment For Sale Factory Direct Means Lowest Price Guraanteed

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Forklift Brush Replacement Model ERVPS-60 On Sale Now Call For FREE Quote

Forklift Mounted Replacement Brush For Sale

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Model   Overall Size (WxDxH) Fork Pocket (WxDxH) Sweeping Width Bristle Length Wt.


ER-VSWP-48   48″x5″x9″ 5″x8″x2″ 48″ 8″ 43
ER-VSWP-60   61″x5″x9″ 5″x8″x2″ 60″ 8″ 51
ER-VSWP-48-RB   48″ Replacement Brush Kit (5 rows to a kit) 18
ER-VSWP-60-RB   60″ Replacement Brush Kit (5 rows to a kit) 22
ER-VPS-60   60″x16″x12″ 8-3/8″x15-1/2″x2″ 60″ 11″ 146
ER-VPS-72   74″x15″x4-1/2″ 8-3/8″x15-1/2″x2″ 72″ 11″ 173
ER-VPS-60-RB   60″ Replacement Brushes (8 rows to a kit) 60
ER-VPS-72-RB   72″ Replacement Brushes (8 rows to a kit) 70
ER-VSWP-48-MG   4′ Long Magnet (use w/ ER-VSWP-48 & VSP-48)
Forklift Magnet Bar
ER-VSWP-60-MG   5′ Long Magnet (use w/ ER-VSWP-60 & VSP-60)
Forklift Mounted Magnetic Sweeper
ER-VSP-EMK   Edge Markers (use with series VSP)
Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper
ER-VSWP-60-DM   Forklift Dust Mop Attachment 60″ Wide (use w/ ER-VSWP-60 & ER-VSP-60) 10

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Adjustable Crane Spreader Bars And Beams For Sale Factory Direct

Discount Crane Spreader Bars For Sale Manufacturer Direct Prices Saves You Time & Money!Adjustable Crane Spreader Bars — FREE Quote 888-776-3720

Our Adjustable Crane Spreader Bars help stop bending damage when handling a  variety of materials  including rebar and rebar cages, steel and wooden trusses and beams, metal siding and sucker/drilling Rods. All of our Crane Spreader Bars now come standard with center hook for better load support. All Star Crane Spreader Beams are designed to meet OSHA/ASME Safety Standards.

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Discount Crane Spreader Beams For Sale Factory Direct Guarantees Lowest Price

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Our crane spreader bar attachment is a type of below-the-hook lifting attachment used to  picking up large, bulky and sometimes heavy loads. The design behind a crane spreader bar is to easily distribute the load of a lift across more than one point, strengthen stability and lessen the loads applied during hoisting. Spreader bars are often used when the object being lifted is too large to be lifted from a single point, and not designed to take any adverse loading caused from angled slings during the lift.

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Crane Spreader Bars And Beams For Sale Factory Direct Means Lowest Price Guaranteed!

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Fork Mounted Front End Loader Forklift Attachment For Sale Factory Direct

Discount Front End Loader Forklift Attachment For Sale Manufacturer Direct Guarantees Lowest Price

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Front End Loader Fork Truck Attachment. Our fork mounted front end loader forklift attachment is designed for use with your existing fork truck. “Dust Pan” design is great for moving snow, gravel, sand or refuse. Manufactured from steel with leak-proof welds. Mounts quickly and easily to most forklifts. Beveled front edge for better scooping ability. The fork pockets measure 7-1/2″W x 2-1/2″H on 24″ centers. Durable powder coat finish. 

Attaching loader attachment by driving fork truck into loader, Secure unit to fork truck mast with safety chain; Run release cable to forklift worker to release loader material your transporting; Drive to destination; raise forks and pull release to dump load; loader attachment returns to locked upright position when set down on ground. Welded Leak Proof Option also available. Specs: Capacity 4000 lbs., 90º Dump Angle, 1 and  1-1/3 Cubic Yard Capacity.

  • Fork Truck attachable
  • Trip Cord Release
  • 90º Dump Angle 
  • Capacity 4000 lbs.
  • Perfect for Snow, Gravel, Sand, Debris or Refuse
    Fork Mounted Front End Loader Fork Truck Attachment
    Model PDF Overall Size
    Cubic Yard
    ERFL4000   69-3/4″x 63-1/4″x 22-5/8″ 4,000 lb 90º 1 1/3 525
    ERFL-4000-N   48-1/2″x63-1/4″x22-5/8″ 4,000 lb 90º 1 427

    Receiving instructions:
    After delivery, remove the packaging from the product. Inspect the product closely to determine whether it sustained damage during transport. If damage is discovered, record a complete description of it on the bill of lading. If the product is undamaged, discard the packaging.
    The end-user is solely responsible for confirming that product design, installation, use, and maintenance comply with laws, regulations, codes, and mandatory standards applied where the product is used.

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Semi Automatic Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap Machines

Standard Shrink Wrap Machine Features: 
  • Simply place pallet on turntable and press pedal to rotate
  • Film height is manually adjusted – optional power mast available
  • Foot pedal is used to start/stop turntable rotation
  • Maximum load heights of 82″
  • Maximum load diameter of 75″ (SWA-50), 94″ (SWA-70)
  • 4,000 pound load capacity
  • Turntable rotation is variable between 3-12 RPM
  • Turntable rotation includes a soft start and stop feature
  • Film tension is controlled with a friction brake assembly
  • Requires 110V AC power supply
  • Steel construction with powder coat finish

Forklift Fork Extensions – Get More Fork Under Bulky Loads

Forklift Fork Extensions For Sale

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Fork Extensions are designed for the occasional need to handle large bulky loads. An additional set of longer forks is often the better choice. If fork extensions are to be used, good safety procedures must be followed.

The safety recommendations shown below are not intended to replace or supersede the forklift operator’s manual or the need to review and observe local, state and federal safety regulations.

1) The overall length of the fork extension cannot exceed 1 ½ times the length of the fork – for example, the longest extension that can be used on 48” forks is 72”.
2) The extension should be built to fit the particular width of the fork that is being used. The inside width of the extension must not exceed the width of the fork by more than ½”.
3) Never pick up a load with the tip of the extension. The center of the load must always be over the fork and should not exceed 50% of the length of the fork extension. For example, the load center with 48” forks (72” extensions) should not exceed 36”.
4) Be very careful not to overload the forklift. The capacity of the forklift diminishes very rapidly as the load center is moved out from the back of the fork. The forklift manufacturer should be able to provide a load chart showing maximum lift capacities at various load centers.
5) Fork extensions are designed for light bulky loads. If you have heavy loads or will be exceeding maximum allowed load center (36” for 72” fork extensions), you should consider longer forks in lieu of extensions.


One Man can install or remove in seconds

Model Overall Length Fits Weight per set
1664 72″ 4″ x 48″ forks 120 lbs.
1665 72″ 5″ X 48″ forks 140 lbs.
1666 72″ 6″ x 48″ forks 160 lbs.

Note: Can be shipped UPS

Things You Should Know About Fork Extensions
◆  Overall length of fork extension must not exceed 150% of fork length.
◆  Inside width of fork extension must not be more than ½” wider than fork.
◆  Forklift capacity is substantially reduced when center of load is moved out beyond standard 2 ft. load center.
◆  Do not pick up load with tip of fork extensions.
◆  Load must be centered on fork extensions or closer to the backstop.

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Dock Boards & Dock Plates Save You Time & Money

Aluminum dockboards provide a lightweight, yet sturdy bridge between dock and truck and are manufactured in full compliance with all OSHA regulations. They are a necessity for every shipping and receiving department.The Utility and Variety of Truck Dockboards

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Truck dockboards can make or break your day on the warehouse dock. Some days, without them, you won’t get any loading or unloading done.

30" Width Aluminum Dock Plates - Model ATruck Dockboards Make Any Trailer Fit Your Dock

Truck trailers are usually built to exacting specifications, as are warehouse docks, so that they match in height. However, sometimes, like when non-standard tires are used on the trailer, they don’t match up. With a truck dock ramp, that’s not a problem though. You can load and unload with ease.

Trailer Bumpers Can Interfere with Proper Docking

There are going to be occasions, like when the nerf bars on the trailer are too long, when the gap between the dock and trailer is too big for forklifts and pallet jacks to roll across. Slap a truck dock board into place and that gap almost magically disappears.

Drivers That Drop and Go Can Cause Loading and Unloading Problems

Some loads don’t have to be signed for when the driver drops them off. When a driver has this kind of load, he’s most likely going to back up to the dock, unhook, and run to get his next load. And sometimes, they don’t do the best job docking their trailer, leaving an uneven gap that only a set of truck dock ramps can bridge.

Choose from Different Types of Truck Dock Ramps

Basically, you can choose from two main kinds of truck dock boards: those that are built into the dock, and those that are portable. The built-in kind can either be manual or automatic in their method of deployment. The portable kind comes in a wide variety of types: those with side guards, those without, heavy-duty, lightweight, and quite a few more.

Before going out and buying any truck dockboards, you need to analyze your needs and decide which type better suits those needs most economically.

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Additional Dockboard Product Prices

Aluminum Dockboards
Aluminum Dockboards   Aluminum dock boards are ramps that connect dock floors to the back floors of truck trailers and offer a safe, efficient method of loading and unloading trucks.  They feature safety curbs on either side of the ramp that prevent pallet jacks and hand trucks from rolling off th…
Dock Plates
Dock Plates Dock plates are similar in design to dockboards and work as bridges between the surface of an elevated loading dock and the back of a truck trailer.  However, dock plates are designed for much different material handling tools that are dock boards.  Dockboards are heavy …
Loading Dock Ladders
Dock Ladders Commercial and industrial businesses today require more flexibility with new or existing loading dock capabilities. Most businesses use 18 wheelers, pick-up trucks, vans, SUV?s and even cars to pick up and unload merchandise and supplies. Walk-Thru dock ladders prevent needles…
Rail Boards
Rail Boards For Unloading-Loading Railcars & Boxcars. Rail boards are highly specialized dock boards made for boxcar & railcar unloading and unloading.  Railcar to dock is a highly specialized application that can require a dock board ranging anywhere from 22K lbs. on up t…
Truck Dockboards Help To Bridge The Gap!
If you’ve spent any time at all in material handling, shipping/receiving, or straight warehouse work, you’ve run into the situation where having truck dockboards could have saved you a world of headaches. You’ve seen mismatched trailer deck to dock heights. If you’ve been in the i…
Truck Loading Ramps
Truck Loading Ramps   In many situations, particularly when goods are being distributed to customers, truck drivers will find themselves needing to unload their truck in a place where there is no dock to facilitate an easy transfer of goods from the truck into their final destination

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