Industrial Pallet Rack Will Maximize Space

Industrial Pallet RackEasy Rack account managers will work with you on a consultative basis to build you a custom industrial pallet rack that will maximize space, safety, storage efficiency, and process flow in your facility. The following list itemizes the many results we have generated for clients over the past years.

Custom pallet racking will give you direct access to every individual pallet on the rack without your employees having to move other pallets around it. This dramatically reduces product damage and product drop rates.

Custom racks also let you create staging areas in your facility that will make much better use of your existing floor space. The key to doing this is to design your pallet racking storage system in a way that will make the most use of your vertical cube so you have more wall space and floor space available for other needs.  This makes it easier to store, find, and retrieve pallets without mishap or injury.

If you have planned to expand your facility or move, consider the enormous cost that both of these options represent. In our company history, we have saved this expense for so many companies like yours by building industrial pallet racks that created more aisle space and work areas in their existing facility.  Typically companies can forestall a move for several years.  Some of our previous clients now believe they may not ever have to move to a new building thanks to the storage systems we built them.

The way our team works is to listen to you, examine the data you provide, and calculate the optimal measurements for your racking system. If we are selling used pallet racks, we go one step further.  Since no one can guarantee the weight capacity for a used beam, we will build the rack with longer beams if necessary and configure the system to have additional supports at mid span.  Also, we test each beam prior to shipping to make sure it is in the best working condition possible.

Used industrial pallet racks can save you up to 40 percent on the cost of a rack system, so if you are facing a very tight budget, call Easy Rack for a quote on a used system.  Once the system is designed and the parts are tested, we will ship it to your location and facilitate installation with a team of trained specialists who will work on our behalf to help set it up in your building.

The Many Uses Of Conventional Pallet Rack

Pallet Storage RackConventional Pallet Storage Conventional pallet storage is useful for warehouse operations characterized by the following inventory control needs:

  1. They have to store pallets by individual sku numbers.
  2. They must have quick individual access to each pallet.
  3. The must have plenty of aisle space to facilitate fork lift access to any point on the rack.

In bigger warehouses, most conventional pallet storage is built single-depth.  In smaller warehouses, pallet racks can be built double depth to compensate for limited space.  Double-depth pallet storage allows one pallet to be stored behind the other. Drive-In Pallet Storage Drive-in pallet storage allows pallets to be stored inside the rack itself, and for forklifts to drive into the rack to retrieve them.   Warehouses require drive-in style pallet racks whenever they face the following circumstances:

  1. They must convert anywhere from 70-85% of existing floor space and vertical area into organized pallet storage space.
  2. They have low turnover rates, and tend to leave pallets on the rack for extended amounts of time.
  3. There is no available floor space to use for aisles.

Live Pallet Storage Live storage racks use gravity to move pallets to waiting forklifts by means of a slight incline in the rack When one pallet is retrieved, another one slides in right behind it.  Food and pharmaceutical companies use this design a great deal.  Other warehouses may also benefit from this type of pallet storage if they face any of the following circumstances:

  1. A need to minimize pallet retrieval time.
  2. A, non-motorized method of moving the pallets to forklifts
  3. A low-maintenance system.

Push-back pallet storage The push back system works in a similar manner as the live pallet storage system, but it uses trolleys and rolling rails in addition to the force of gravity.  When a pallet is taken from one end, the others slide down slightly to fill the gap.  Loading and unloading is easily done from the central aisle. Mobile Pallet Storage This type of rack rests on a motorized base that can be moved either with manual controls or remote PC.  An operation needs this when:

  1. A warehouse has to reduce the number of aisles between rack
  2. The facility must increase its total capacity
  3. Process flow demands  direct, individual access to every pallet

All pallet storage systems are available in either new or used condition.  Used pallet racks can cost as much as 40% less as new storage rack.  Pricing depends on the availability of beams and uprights and shipping rates to your part of the country.  Easy Rack sells nationwide and will assist in designing pallet storage racking that is customized to specific facilities and industry types.

Wire shelves offer multiple benefits to material storage operations

Commercial Wire ShelvingWire shelves offer multiple benefits to material storage operations.

For beginners, they let air continually circulate so that dust will not accumulate.  In the event of a fire, wire will not burn, and it will not block sprinkler water. Each individual shelf can be adjusted to accommodate differently sized products and materials.

These storage units are ideal for converting the vertical cube and unused floor space into usable storage space.

As cliché as it sounds, organization is everything to an organization’s success.  With clutter and disorganization gone, order and management make operations safe and more efficient.  This improves employee morale and labor efficiency.

This also helps companies who feel pressured to move because they are running out of space.  More efficient use of space makes it possible to stay in the same building.

Who uses wire shelving?

  • Restaurants use them for continual stocking and inventory management.
  • Health care systems rely on them heavily for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • Offices use them for all types of supply storage.
  • Mobile units used to move things around that need frequent transport.

Any given shelf in one of these units can easily support between 600 lbs and 800 lbs of weight.

Depending on the number of shelves, then, and how well they are supported, your unit may support up to 1500 lbs.

This versatility can be beneficial to almost any business in any vertical market out there.

The key to such versatility lies in the amazing performance features found in our wire shelves.

  • All-welded construction.
  • Easy loading and unloading.
  • Numbered grooved posts on 1 inch increments make it possible to quickly assemble a unit without the assistance of tools
  • Adjustable foot levelers
  • Aesthetically pleasing and highly durable finishes
  • Optional accessories that make it possible to customize your storage system
  • Ideal for applications in Industrial, Health Care, Food Service and Retail Markets
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved

Wire shelves are made in all kinds of different designs that will accommodate the many different business types they serve.

The cantilevered design attaches directly to the wall.

The Dunnage design is a simple wire frame with a mid-level shelf and a bottom shelf.

The sliding track design has bearings in the skate beneath each post and has a load capacity of 1,500 lbs.

Wire shelves come in multiple finish options to make them suitable to any environment.

Nickel based, chrome plated units are ideal for material handling duties.

  • Electropolished stainless steel resists corrosion in heavily polluted industrial areas.
  • Proform shelving (carbon steel treated with an iron phosphate base and antibacterial epoxy) is ideal for high humidity climates.

Double Tray/Basket Utility Mail Cart Sales

Double Tray/ Double Basket Mail Utility CartHow is a double tray double basket mail cart designed?

It has two trays that support two removable baskets.  The baskets can be used to sort, organized, and deliver letter mail.  Baskets are designed to accommodate both letter and legal sized documents. 

When the baskets are removed, packages or boxes containing parts or supplies can be moved on the trays.  This makes the unit much more than a simple mail delivery tool.

Is it easy to maneuver?

Yes.  It moves on swivel casters and features rear brakes.  It is easy to steer.  It also features an all steel construction to protect it against accidental collisions that can and do occur in crowded warehouse environments, small offices, public schools, and busy factories. 

Does the unit ship preassembled?

No.  It is easy to assemble, so preassembly is not necessary.    

How much more efficient will the double tray double basket mail cart make my business?  Do I really need one?

If the US Postal Services uses these carts, that should say something about the effectiveness of these simple, but remarkable tools.  Inside your mail room, your clerks will have a much easier task organizing mail prior to delivery.  The removable carts make it easier to separate packages and letters. 

Once delivery begins, everything is already organized, and fewer errors occur.

We don’t get that much mail.  Do we still need one?

You may have other paperwork that needs to be shuffled around.  If you work in an auto repair shop or small factory plant, you may also use these mail carts to move inventory around or keep track of inventory documentation.  Staying on top of you documentation is the key to getting inventory over with without mistakes or additional cost to your organization.  If you are in construction, these little carts can even be used to move around tools.    

Can these mail carts be used on warehouse floors?

That depends on what you are shipping and receiving.  If you have small trucks coming in with small boxes, yes, you can use them to load and offload smaller items. 

How many mail carts should a company buy?

Normally a small office needs only one.  Most of the mail coming in is going to be letter mail, and that is only going to go to executives.  Larger organizations will need several carts to separate package mail, supplies, and letters and send them to different floors.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of commercial shelvingmaterial handling equipment,  new and used gondola shelvingused pallet racks, and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states.

Advantages Of A Skid Steer Broom Or Skidsteer Sweeper

 Call For Quote Skid Steer Sweeper & Skidsteer Broom w/Manual AngleWhat is a skid steer broom sweeper attachment?

It is an attachment that goes onto the front of a skid steer loader.  It is shaped like a giant, round broom.  As it rotates, it pushes all sorts of debris out of the way.

Why is this beneficial?

Debris creates eyesores, obstructions, and safety hazards.  A device that quickly clears debris from a work area or transit area improves process flow and human safety. 

What kinds of debris can we clear with it?

The Skidsteer Sweeper/Broom Attachment can be used to dirt, dried mud, small pieces of trash, sticks, piled sand, broken stumps, metal scrap, and light snow.

Will this attachment work on any skid steer loader?

As long as you have a modern, full-sized loader, yes.  The skid steer broom comes with a universal mounting plate.

Will we be looking at ongoing replacement costs if we invest in skid steer sweepers?

You shouldn’t be.  The broom is a sturdy piece of equipment designed to handle all manner of garbage, scrap, and small, natural obstructions.  Skid steer broom life is also extended by a feature on the device that keeps bristles off the ground when you store it.

Could our community use this instead of a snow plow?

Yes and no.  For sidewalk areas, it is ideal because snow plows are too big to operate in sidewalks running through people’s front yard.  It can also be very effective as a street sweeper for light snow.   However, you do not want to push it through heavy snow drifts that block major roadways.

It’s best to use the skid steer sweeper as an accessory to snow plow operations in order to thoroughly clear both vehicle and pedestrian areas for traffic.

What does the term “manual angle” refer to?

The skid steer broom operates at an angle that can be manually adjusted up to 30 degrees.

Why is an angle desirable?

It is better than a right angled device because it pushes all the debris to one side of the loader where it can be more easily collected.  A straight broom would push debris to both sides, making more of a mess. 

What operates the broom?

A simple direct drive motor raises and lowers the skid steer broom.  It needs no chains or sprockets to operate.

Can we use the skid steer sweeper to cleanup new construction areas?

Yes.  That is one of its most popular applications, actually, because the skid steer broom can move all kinds of wood and metal scrap, along with dirt and paper, out of the way.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of commercial shelvingmaterial handling equipment,  new and used gondola shelvingused pallet racks, and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states.

Gas Powered Trailer Mover

Gas Powered Trailer Mover What it Is

Gas Powered Trailer Mover attaches to trailers or to other pieces of equipment so they can be moved around in places that vehicles can’t access. 

Challenges it Addresses

It may be easy to hitch a trailer to a vehicle, but it is not always so easy to get a vehicle to a trailer.  If your trailer is stored in a narrow alley, small storage building, or in a pile of other equipment, you can’t back up to it safely. 

It is also hard to get a trailer to such a storage location after you unhitch it from a truck or a van.

It is not a good idea to move even a small trailer by hand.  You can throw out your back or shoulder very quickly by dragging even a small, empty trailer. 

You need a device that will safely maneuver your equipment into such locations. 

Equipment Features

The trailer mover has a service range of 17 to 27 inches and comes with a 6HP gasoline engine and hydrostatic transmission.  It has an engine powered lift, and it features variable speed control in forward and reverse. 

It has a service range of 17 to 27 inches, low speed torque for precision positioning, a safety kill switch, a horn, and directional controls on the handle

The foam-filled front tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that enable excellent traction on any unpaved surface area.  A three ball hitch converts easily to common sizes.  Ball sizes are 1 7/8”, 2”, and 25/16”. 

With the handle upright, the entire unit measures 51”W by 66”L and 40”H.

Solutions and Results

With a trailer mover, your employees can move trailers and other similar pieces of equipment into storage buildings, tight corners, and into spaces between buildings.   Thanks to the engine powered lift, you can hook the unit up without hand jacking.

The unit can lift 1,000 pounds, and it can pull 12,000 pounds.  While it is ideal for moving around docks, storage buildings, and tight squeezes, we do not recommend it for use on steep grades.  Trailer movers are designed for use only on flat paved and unpaved surfaces. 

Thanks to engine powered trailer movers, any factory, fabrication shop, warehouse, storage yards, or salvage yard can quickly, safely, and effortlessly maneuver equipment into the most confining of spaces.  This improves process flow, worker safety, and maximizes space utilization, particularly for small facilities that have extremely limited space to begin with.

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of commercial shelvingmaterial handling equipment,  new and used gondola shelvingused pallet racks, and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states

Adjustable Height Gantry Cranes Can Save You Time & Money

An adjustable gantry crane is a smaller, portable version of the huge cranes you see in shipyards and massive warehouses.  Whereas these large cranes can sometimes be the size of buildings, smaller, portable versions can be so lightweight that they can be moved and adjusted by hand.

The basic design consists of two vertical supports and a top horizontal beam known as an I-beam.  The I-beam can be adjusted on larger portable units with the help of a come along or a fork truck.  On the smaller units, it can be adjusted by hand.

In the middle of the I-beam is a hoist that can move to either side of the beam.  When an object is lifted with the hoist, it can either be moved a few inches to the side along the length of the beam, or it can remain suspended from the beam while the entire crane is moved on casters.

The adjustable gantry crane is, in fact, one of the most stable crane designs thanks to the presence of the I-beam.  Objects that are suspended from a cable on an arm can and often do begin to swing in an arc when the crane starts moving.  Operators have to be very careful to prevent collisions with other objects, walls, machinery, and people.

However, the I-beam design on an adjustable height gantry crane keeps the object centered and stationary while the unit is in transit from one location to another.  By utilizing a center of gravity suspended between two supports, the crane keeps the cable stationary between the supports and prevents it from swinging in an arc. 

This makes adjustable gantry cranes ideal for repair operations where large pumps, motors, engine parts, pipes, and other equipment must be lifted and moved to a work area.  The design of the frame makes it easy to center the hoist over equipment that is mounted below the floor.  Once it is lifted above the floor, it can be moved to other areas simply by moving the crane.

In outdoor applications, adjustable gantry cranes are used to lift water pumps and pipes out of the ground and to carry them to repair facilities.  Smaller objects in warehouses can also be moved onto and off of pallets with the help of smaller adjustable height gantry cranes designed for two operator use. 

Aluminum adjustable gantry cranes are corrosion resistant.  They are ideal for use outdoors, and they can be assembled and adjusted by hand without the need of a forklift. 

Larger steel cranes can handle up to10,000 pounds and require a fork truck to adjust the I-beam in six inch increments. 

Easy Rack carries a wide variety of commercial shelvingmaterial handling equipmentcommercial lighting, new and used gondola shelvingused pallet racks, and modular prefab buildings installed nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-888-776-3720 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states

Invest In Jib Lifters To Improve Safe Process Flow

Jib Lifters, Jib Crane Equipment Supplies & AccessoriesWhat is a jib lifter?

It is a small crane that you use indoors.  You can also use it in a dock, a truck bed, or the back of a cargo van, depending on the size and model you buy.

What were they designed for?

They were designed to handle heavy materials that are either too large or too unsafe to load and unload by hand.  When you think about how cramped a warehouse is, and how much smaller a truck or cargo van bed is, you can quickly see how difficult it can be to maneuver materials in and out of these spaces without something going wrong. 

How do jib lifters work?

They combine vertical lift with lateral movement, making it possible to move anything up or down, left or right, or in an arc. 

Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane (Extended)The key advantage this gives you is the ability to maneuver materials of varying sizes, weights, and shapes safely, accurately, and with minimal risk of breakage or injury. 

How many kinds of jib lifters are there?

There are numerous models ranging in size and weight capacity.  The two smaller models that have become very popular recently for tight space maneuvering are the air balanced model and the van model.

Industrial Jib Cranes & Commercial Portable Gantry Cranes.

  • Floor Mounted Jib Cranes
  • Hydraulic Cranes
  • Truck Cranes
  • Wall Jib Crane
  • Portable Jib Cranes
  • Bridge Cranes
  • Aluminum Gantry Cranes
  • Portable Gantry Cranes
  • Cantilever Hoist
  • How does the air balanced jib lifter work?

    The unit gets its name from a pneumatic cylinder that raises or lowers a cable that attaches to the load.  You can maneuver the load at a full 360 degree angle.  Hand brakes allow for precision placement of products.  Capacity ranges from 250 to 340 pounds per load.

    What can you move with it?

    You can move anything within the allotted weight capacity, provided you get the right type of pneumatic hoist or attachment for the job.

    1. There is a vacuum lifter that uses suction to pick up objects with smooth surfaces.
    2. There is a scissor lift which is designed to move cylindrical loads such as boards, pipes, or tubes.
    3. For general material handling, you can also get the double hook attachment which is sort of a one size fits all attachment for large, small, flat, or round objects. 

    How does the van jib lifter work?

    It is either DC battery powered or manually cranked.  It lifts up to 1,000 pounds from the floor to the height of a van or pickup truck bed.  Its pivotal arm then lets you position the load wherever it needs to be placed in the cargo space. 

    What return on investment can I expect?

    If you get the right unit for the job, and if you use it correctly, you can expect to break fewer objects and drastically reduce the time it takes to load and unload.

    Aerosol Can Disposal & Recycle Can Crusher System Sales

    Aerosol Can Disposal Unit Sales

    Aerosol Can Disposal Unit &  Recycle System Sales

    EPA regulations do not allow aerosol cans to just be thrown away.  You have to relieve the cans of pressure and pack them in a drum.   You also have to publish a manifest for solid waste disposal.  While this is good for the environment to a degree, it is even better if you can render the cans fully recyclable with an aerosol can recycle system.  The device will allow you to empty used aerosol cans of all toxic contents.  They will be rendered empty aluminum or steel shells with a small, smooth-edged hole in only a matter of seconds.  You can recycle them safely at this point with other steel or aluminum scrap metal.  

    This will save you time and money on a pragmatic level.  If you render cans recyclable, you exempt them from solid waste disposal regulations.  You no longer have to pay for time spent publishing a manifest.  The aerosol can recycle system first punctures the cans without releasing their contents into the open air.  Residual contents then drain into a disposal drum.

    This system features a very practical and simple design that features a puncturing tool, safety goggles, carbon filter, and Anti-Static wire to keep the drum safe from static buildup.  The aerosol can recycle system fits the 2” diameter threaded bung of any 30 or 55 gallon drum.  The device is very easy to use.  You mount the can in position, and then you push the lever to puncture the container.  A two piece filter that has a carbon cartridge built into it drains odor and harmful emissions into the drum.  

    This filter collects microscopic liquids from the propellant into the filter’s reservoir.  Dry propellant is absorbed by a carbon cartridge that absorbs odors and hydrocarbons.  The financial benefits of being able to recycle every piece of metal in your shop are obvious.  It is also good to know that waste reclamation credits can be earned through use of the aerosol can disposal system.   One 55 gallon drum can hold the contents of 4,000 cans.  Often, organizations with connection to waste reclamation centers can also recycle this liquid and earn waste disposal credits in the process. 

    The aerosol can recycle system will pay for itself many times over with on full drum of aerosol liquid waste.  To transport the same 4,000 spray cans as solid waste, you would need forty 55-gallon drums.  The disposal costs for getting rid of them would be more than $12,000 dollars.

    Make Money With Air Powered Oil Filter Crushers

    What is an air powered oil filter crusher? It is a device that crushes oil filters and drains the oil prior to disposal.

    Air Operated Oil Filter Crushers Air Operated Oil Filter Crushers
    Air Operated Oil Filter Crushers recycles used filters and oil quickly, safely and easily. The CrushMaster 1 oil filter crusher operates

    Air Powered Oil Filter CrusherAir Powered Oil Filter Crusher
    Reduce storage space and disposal costs! Removes up to 95% of used oil while crushing filters down to 20% of the original size.   

    Electric Hydraulic Oil Filter Crushers

    Electric Hydraulic Oil Filter Crushers recycles used filters and oil quickly, safely and easily. The CrushMaster 2 is designed for heavy-duty use.

    How does it work?
    It uses a pneumatic pump to crush the filter.  It removes up to 95% of used oil while crushing filters down to 20% of the original size. As it is crushing the filter, it drains and collects the residual oil.  It works with standard oil filters and one gallon cans.  Featuring a solid steel construction and a safety interlock door system, that air powered oil filter crusher, as its name indicates, operates 100% by air power.

    What is it used for?
    It is mostly used to prepare prepares bulky items (oil filters) for scrap metal recycling.  It is also a safety tool because it keeps waste oil from collecting on the floor.  The filters are flattened dry, so there is no excess oil leaking onto the floor to cause a slip hazard.

    What return on investment can we expect if we purchase an air powered oil filter crusher?
    First, your facility will greatly benefit from the financial savings of oil disposal costs.  The government classifies oil filters as hazardous waste.  Anything in this category costs more money than you want to spend to dispose of.  Penalties are charged to you if your oil filters contain traces of used oil.  The first thing you can count on from using a filter crusher is not ever having to pay these penalties again.

    The air powered oil filter crusher can also help you benefit financially from scrap metal recycling.  Oil free cans can be taken into any recycling center and turned into cash.

    There are also some very real benefits that come to your organization that may be difficult to specifically quantify, but that nonetheless represent clear advantages.

    One is the improvement in facility control that results from space consolidation.  A well-ordered facility is easier to inventory and work within.  Process flow goes more smoothly and production increases.  Getting rid of the litter that used filters and oil cans commonly create is a good step forward in more efficient space management.

    Also, getting trace oil off the floor makes the workplace safer.  One slip and one injury can cost a company a good employee and a great amount of money in workers compensation.  The liability factor that the air powered oil filter crusher eliminates makes it a preventative tool of protecting businesses assets against very real negatives that often unexpectedly challenge businesses.